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Delving into the WHAT, WHY and HOW of Shared Mobility

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Join as we explore trends, gather responses and share insights from the best of the minds in the industry to give you a 360-degree view of the future of mobility. 

Get Insights from Mobility Experts and Automotive Gurus

Discover the Future of Shared Mobility!

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Step up your shared mobility game and gain a competitive edge with our knowledge-packed blogs

Expert Interview - Coastr

Our experts share the best tips, events to attend, latest tech insights, bust myths to help you stay up-to-date

Newsletter - Coastr

Get the latest scoop on vehicle rental trends and innovations delivered straight to your inbox

Polls & Survey - Coastr

Polls and Surveys


Discover the pulse of car rental industry through opinions, preferences, and experiences of fleet management enthusiasts

Key Takeaways

Insights into the world of vehicle rentals and travel technologies - Coastr

Industry Insights

Access expert opinions and trends in vehicle rentals and mobility

Innovation, technology and features that will help vehicle rental operators thrive - Coast

Innovative Tech

Learn about new technologies and features for rental operators

Best practices and trends that will help maximise growth and drive revenue

Growth Strategies

Discover best practices to enhance efficiency and revenue

10.pngChallenges vehicle rental operators and customers are facing today and what can they

Challenges and Prospects

Understand current challenges and future opportunities in the industry

CoastrAsks features mobility mavens leading the industry!

Expert Interviews

Biswajit interview at Autonomy Mobility Expo 24

Insights from Coastr's CEO at  Autonomy Mobility Expo 24

Explore insights from Biswajit Kundu Roy on the shift to access-based mobility, the crucial role of technology with real-world examples and Coastr's contributions to sustainable transportation

Coastr Expert Interview

Insights from Nissan's Director of Product Marketing

Fabio reveals the hurdles companies face in adopting sustainable mobility and  suggests strategies on how to transition to eco-friendly transportation


Pivotal - Subscription by JLR shares MaaS insights at MOVE London 2023

John Murphy from Pivotal and Biswajit Kundu Roy from Coastr discuss how MaaS can drive the EV revolution and transform urban mobility


Expert Interview
Rental and mobility trends - Coastr.jpg

A Spotlight on Rental and Mobility Trends 

 In collaboration with


This webinar featuring experts from BVRLA, Coastr, Omnevue and Towergate Insurance explores the latest trends in rental insurance, tech-driven customer experiences, legislative shifts and ESG metrics that'll shape the rental landscape in 2024 and beyond

webinar contactless car rental

Contactless Rental Technology:
Has the Mobility Sector cracked the security concerns?

 In partnership with

Smartcar - Coastr Integrated partner

Experts from the Coastr and Smartcar dive deep into contactless vehicle rental technology, separating fact from fiction and debunking misconceptions about fleet security and safety

Embracing connected mobility_ The rise of contactless rentals

Embracing connected mobility:
The rise of contactless rentals


 In partnership with

Smartcar - Coastr Integrated partner

Coastr and Smartcar discuss strategies to navigate the new and digital world of vehicle rentals and ultimately grow your mobility business using connected and contactless vehicle technology

How to Stay on Top of Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Expert advice: how to stay on top of fleet vehicle maintenance

 In collaboration with

Epyx - Service & Maintenance Partner

This blog dives into proactive steps rental businesses can take to manage service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) for their fleet vehicle maintenance

The Future of Shared Mobility_ 5 Top challenges - Coastr

The future of shared Mobility: 5 top challenges and the key to fixing them

In partnership with


This blog explores cutting-edge insights into the shared mobility market, empowering you to revolutionise your business strategy

PCN management system - Coastr

Increase Rental Business Profits with Automated PCN Management

 In collaboration with

Transfer360 -Coastr  Fine Management Partner

Learn how automated Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) management transforms rental businesses, cutting costs, and enhancing efficiency

Are you a mobility operator or own a Shared Mobility Business?

Check out our comprehensive guide to building your online presence

Social media starter kit  for car rental business - Coastr

Social Media Starter Kit

Get started on your journey to digital world

  • Increasing brand recognition and awareness

  • Understanding the customer needs and interests

  • Higher Conversion rates

SEO_Starter kit_2024  for car rental business -Coastr

SEO Starter Kit

Learn how your customers are searching for your shared mobility business

  • Drive website traffic

  • Improve your visibility

  • Generate more leads

  • Build your audience

The mobility world needs your insights. Reach out to us and become a thought leader.

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