Make your own way with Coastr

All-in-one vehicle rental platform

  • Automate booking management

  • Digitise fleet management 

  • Real-time tracking, immobilisation and more

Transform and grow your vehicle rental business through innovation

Digitise your business with an all-in-one vehicle rental management solution that utilises advanced AI and telematics, all through a connected digital ecosystem.

Coastr Dashboard

One digital solution for all your van and car rental needs

The only connected-car rental ecosystem that easily manages your vehicle rental business through award-winning technology.

vehicle rental software
Vehicle Rental Software

Booking and Fleet Management
for seamless operations

Coastr Customer App

Easy-to-use Booking App
to find more customers

On-demand Fleet Insurance

Usage-based Insurance Premiums

to decrease costs
(under development)


Selfie-video verification and contactless rentals with keyless entry

all in one software


Booking, fleet, maintenance,customer and report management 


Preferred rates from our payment, insurance and leasing partners 



Payments, accounting, telematics, biometric verification, DVLA, and more

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Get a new-age platform that manages all your rental needs

Make your way into the future of vehicle rentals

Watch the video to find out how Coastr can digitise and transform your business.

Digitise your rental business with packages starting at £3.99/vehicle/month

Why choose Coastr for your rental business

Up to £800 yearly costs saved per vehicle

Automated vehicle scheduling

Online booking system


100% control of your fleet


Up to 4 hours saved on a daily basis

Why choose Coastr for your rental business

Automated booking and intelligent reporting saves up to £800 yearly costs per vehicle*

Automated vehicle scheduling​

Reduce overheads and personnel costs 

​Discounted insurance rates

Eliminate broker fees and get preferred rates with Coastr's insurance partners

save costs

​Advanced reporting on fleet acquisition

Automated booking system

Eliminate personnel costs and paperwork-intensive processes 

Profitable decisions by comparing brands based on mileage and breakdown history

Innovative fleet management solution drives fleet utilisation up by 20%*

fleet utilisation

Data-driven fleet management

Increase fleet efficiency and utilisation and respond to inventory changes, demand or cancellations effectively to improve ROIs from your existing fleet

Intelligent maintenance alerts

Avoid expensive breakdowns through timely service reminders

Real-time vehicle tracking and immobilisation secures your fleet

Best-in-class telematics technology

Accident Management

Secure your fleet with a real-time view at every moment

Coastr for partners app

Supervise your business on the go with remote vehicle check-in/out and damage reporting 

Receive instant alerts in the event of car crashes

Remote Immobilisation

vehicle tracking

Immobilise any vehicle remotely to prevent theft and malicious use

All-in-one platform combines operations to save up to 4 hours on a daily basis*

all in one platform

Easy-to-navigate online booking system

Automated booking and fleet allocation

Make bookings 3 times faster than other older car rental softwares

Reduce time and operational costs from manual, paperwork-intensive processes 

Easy-to-use dashboard

3rd-party service integrations

Get a quick overview of your entire business from fleet, customers to payments

Save time with end-to-end digitised process management including Digital Payments, DVLA, Accounting Integration etc.

100% contactless rentals through a digital marketplace

Coastr Customer App

Reach out to more customers beyond your local area

New-age contactless rentals

One-of-a-kind digital rental experience enabled by keyless entry and digital customer verification

contactless rentals

First-of-its-kind digital marketplace

Manage all interactions digitally to provide assured convenience, transparency and value-for-money to your customers

*Disclaimer: Statistics provided are based on comparative data analysis conducted by Coastr or sourced from research conducted by 3rd parties and are indicative figures only.

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One digital solution for all your rental management worries
High insurance costs
lack of access to new customers
rental management solution
High Fleet Acquisition costs
Significant market barriers
5000+ vehicles across 5+ countries added to the Coastr connected ecosystem

We deliver booking and fleet management solutions for all rental types like long-term, mid term, daily or vacation and PCO hire. We also cater to all kinds of vehicles such as cars, vans, RVs, commercial, two wheelers, vintage and electric/hybrid. 

"The product is easy to implement into my day to day business. The fact all of my day to day softwares such as billing, vehicle tracking & inventory is all in one software which reduces my cost and run the business knowing I am only dealing with one company who is providing all of these services for a small fee"

Redwanul Uddin , Director, All Season Rental, United Kingdom

Want to see Coastr live in action or have more questions?

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