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Coastr - Car rental software

Automated Driver & Vehicle Licence Check 

 (available only in the UK)

Make your rental operations faster and safer on Coastr's car rental platform with an instant driver and vehicle licence check - with the DVLA database.

DVLA lookup for rental company - Coastr Car rental software
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No Credit Card Required

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Best-in-Class Dedicated Support

Make your processes fast. Make your customers happy.

Automated DVLA Lookup -Coastr
Coastr Automated driver and vehicle licence check using the DVLA database
Automated Vehicle Data and Driving Licence Check* - Coastr Car rental software

Verify Instantly without
leaving the Coastr Platform 

MoT and driver's licence details and verify customer records against the DVLA database without leaving Coastr's platform. Unlimited access and additional security.

We understand the value of FREE

Unlike other players on the market, Coastr enables you to perform unlimited checks as and when required at no additional cost.

Everything You Need in One Place

Driver's Licence Lookup - Coastr Vehicle rental software

Driver's Licence Lookup

Verify driving licences instantly

Gone are the days when you had to visit multiple sites and generate the driver and vehicle licence check code all by yourself. Access driver's licence records securely, free of cost and all in one place! 

Vehicle Resgistration lookup - Coastr Car Hire software

Vehicle Registration Lookup

Verify vehicle details instantly

Make your business faster and more efficient with direct access to the vehicle licence and MoT data. Obtain every vehicle's specifications and classification within seconds.

Driver's Licence Lookup Includes

Licence Status
Coastr - Licence Categories
Coastr - Offences for van rentals

Licence Status

Licence Categories


Coastr - Endorsements


Coastr - points for car hire system


Vehicle Registration Lookup Includes

Vehicle Tax

Tax Status

Coastr - SORN & MOT Status

SORN & MOT Status

Coastr - Engine Size for vehicle rentals

Engine Size

Coastr - Fuel for car rentals

Fuel Type

Coastr - Emissions Details_

Emissions Details

And much more!

Speed up your rental business with the only 100% DVLA Lookup in the market

Why Choose Coastr?

Instant & Unlimited Access

Instant & Unlimited Access

Be able to visit the website and view customer endorsements, offences and points instantly in the customer profile and without leaving our platform.

Increased Security -Coastr

Increased Security

Reduce risk from fraudulent activity with direct access to the MoT data. Enjoy fast service which provides you with classifications in accordance with the driver and vehicle licence lookup rules.

Efficient Automation

Efficient Automation

Access our automation features such as the automatic storage of information which liberates your business from having to repeat checks on returning customers.

Improved Satisfaction

Improved Satisfaction

Watch as our easy-to-use system increases employee morale whilst simultaneously improving customer satisfaction by automatically retrieving the driver and vehicle licence check data.

Perform unlimited driving licence and vehicle data checks

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