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Coastr - Car rental software

Real-time Vehicle Tracking with Remote Immobilisation

Monitor | Prevent | Recover

Coastr’s future-ready car hire system comes with state-of-the-art telematics technology, including a round-the-clock vehicle monitoring and remote immobilisation to ensure 24/7 fleet security. 

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Real-time Vehicle Tracking Systetem - coastr
Coastr- telematics powered vehicle tracking and immobilization

Fleet security at your fingertips.

New-age businesses need new-age security measures. This is why Coastr is equipped with robust risk management features. Our anti-theft car rental platform with advanced telematics, offers unmatched fleet security.


fleet safety with real-time vehicle tracking


remote vehicle immobilisation


instant crash alerts


fuel usage and carbon footprint


fleet against 


Track your vehicles every second.

Experience superior security with Coastr’s cutting-edge telematics device, offering precise real-time vehicle tracking. Stay on top of your fleet and receive immediate alerts for car crashes to always ensure your customers' safety. 

remote immobilisation and vehicle tracking system - Coastr

Protect Your Fleet Easily

  • Real-time GPS vehicle tracking for enhanced fleet safety and operational efficiency 

  • Fuel usage monitoring for reduced costs

  • Measure carbon footprint accurately

  • Monitor driving behaviour to prevent fleet misuse

  • Receive damage reports

  • Get instant crash alerts


Immobilise your vehicle from anywhere.

In case of theft, recover stolen vehicles easily with Coastr’s convenient one-click remote vehicle immobilisation feature and safeguard your fleet from unauthorised use at all times.

Recover Stolen Vehicles Quickly and Easily

  • One-click immobilisation shuts down vehicle engine 

  • Use its location to recover the vehicle easily 

  • Increase fleet security levels and reduce insurance premiums

  • Safeguard your fleet from anywhere

  • Protect your fleet against heavy losses 

Remote immobilisation for vehicle rentals - Coastr

Coastr has helped with the recovery of our vehicles on repeated occasions*

*£75K worth of stolen vehicles recovered in a year

Coastr - All Sunshine Automobiles

Sunshine Rentals, London, UK

car rental booking management system - Coastr


Keep your fleet safe from harm.

Control who hires your vehicle with automated online checks and new-age KYC facilities to reduce risk from fraudulent drivers.

Prevent vehicle  - Coastr car rental software
  • Verify MoT and driver's licence without leaving the platform

  • Save up to 10 minutes per licence verification

  • Unlimited checks at NO additional cost 

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Digital Signatures and Biometric Verification

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) facility for end customers 

  • Encrypted signatures and documentation

Digitise your bookings with Coastr and boost fleet utilisation.

The only all-in-one car rental management solution for every vehicle rental operator.

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