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Marketplace of Integrations
Coastr - Car rental software

Marketplace of Integrated Partners

Car rental software Super Mobilities  - Coastr

Industry-leading integrations | Open APIs | One-stop shop

Coastr partners with leading solutions and technology firms to deliver an innovative vehicle rental software ecosystem for every type of shared mobility operator.

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Marketplace of integrated partners for car rental businesses

Seamless integrations for future-ready growth.


A combined presence in 240+ countries

Coastr partners

Collective experience
of 40+ years

customers worldwide

10M+ satisfied customers worldwide

Coastr Partner Network


Amazon Web Services 

Cloud Technology Partner

  • Integration enables secure, paperless fleet management 

  • Reduces costs, enables easy scaling with cloud computing

  • Protects your car and van hire business and boosts profitability



Connected Mobility & Telematics Partner

  • Enables keyless entry solution in car rentals

  • Enables fully digital, contactless rental experience

  • Integration with Smartcar in 4 simple steps, no extra software needed

  • Features include fleet tracking, remote lock/unlock, odometer readings, fuel levels and more



Customer KYC Partner

  • Combines biometric facial recognition, document analysis and data verification

  • Reduces fraud risk and enhances onboarding experience

  • Enables real-time ID checks for global KYC compliance

  • Swift and secure customer onboarding in just a few clicks

Creditsafe - Customer KYC Partner


Customer KYC Partner

  • Creditsafe strengthens shared mobility operators' business operations

  • Enables thorough examination of customers' credit scores

  • Ensures informed decisions and enhanced financial reliability insights

  • Safeguards against fraudulent transactions for added security 

Epyx - Service & Maintenance Partner


Service & Maintenance Partner

  • Digitises fleet service and maintenance

  • Seamless data syncing eliminates manual entry and ensures compliance

  • Access to 1000+ national suppliers to streamline SMR procurement and scheduling

  • Faster, easier and more accurate SMR management 

Hotglue - Integration Partner


Integration Partner

  • Enables efficient data transfer and synchronisation

  • Saves time and resources

  • Reduces development and maintenance efforts

  • Eliminates the need for expensive middleware and custom code

Rate Gain logo - Coastr partner


Revenue Management & Pricing Partner

  • Boosts revenue for mobility operators

  • Addresses customer acquisition, retention, and wallet share expansion

  • Provides real-time insights for adaptive strategies

  • Optimises decisions based on market dynamics and customer needs



Accounting Partner

  • Enables secure, flexible business monitoring

  • Enables all-in-one fleet and payment management

  • Enables financial planning and real-time tracking

  • Supports digital transformation in businesses



OEM APIs Partner

  • Enables keyless & contactless rental experience

  • Integration in 4 steps, no extra software needed

  • Features include fleet tracking, remote lock/unlock and more



Payment Partner

  • Enables secure and flexible payments

  • Manages payments and refunds seamlessly

  • Ensures security of digital records

  • Reduces fraud and risk of information leaks

Transfer360 -Coastr  Fine Management Partner


Fine Management Partner

  • Streamlines fine handling and liability assignments

  • Calculates reduced fines for prompt payments

  • Instantaneous assignment and tracking of liabilities

  • Reduces costs and manual work for leasing companies

  • End-to-end automations for hirer liability process, completed within a day



Payment Partner

  • Utilise developer friendly API’s for seamless integration

  • Enable payment acceptance across all channels with diverse payment types

  • Control and track payments data for insightful decision making

  • Protect payments and reputation with comprehensive security solutions

Xero logo


Accounting Partner

  • Automate tasks like bank reconciliations and invoice reminders

  • Secure, centralised data for easy tracking and collaboration

  • Handle transactions in 160+ currencies with real-time conversions

  • Send invoices and automate reminders with intuitive software

Why partner with Coastr?

We believe that the collaboration we form can foster revolutionary ideas that go on to change the mobility sector and the world at large– and it seems so much easier than when we’re all on our own. 

Our values



 We build success by making sound business decisions and by building mutually profitable relationships with our customers and our partners.



We’re open and honest in our propositions, communications and business practices. Customers, partners and colleagues know what to expect from us and what we ask from them in return.



We are open and honest in the assessment of our prejudices and actively seek alternative views. Different perspectives and experiences help us make better decisions.



We are restless in accepting the status quo. We know we can always do better and we relentlessly challenge ourselves to do so. We’re innovative in everything we do. We question why and we expect the best from ourselves and others. We create an environment where it’s foolish not to ask the stupid questions.  We’re not here to follow the pack – we are here to create the best outcomes for our customers, partners, colleagues and business.



We hold ourselves accountable. We say what we’ll do, and we do what we say. We learn from our successes and failures.



We care about the people we work for and those we work with. We also care deeply about the environment. At Coastr, we make tough decisions but we always treat others with respect, as we ask to be treated ourselves. We enter markets when we know we can make a difference and we intend to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

Rishabh - Coastr CEO

"At Coastr, we are creating an entire digital ecosystem which revolves around transforming the operations of vehicle rental businesses through complete digitisation. With our future-ready mobility software, our aim is to partner with more operators to compete with market leaders. We have been strategically working  together with our partners to understand their real-world business problems and add features that address them."

Rishabh Makrand
Chief Operations Officer, Coastr.

"Coastr integrates with Stripe and Sage like a charm.
I haven't operated manual accounting since then."

Jeremy feeney

Jeremy Feeney

Hiremorecar, UK

Car rental software integration - Coastr

Partner with industry leaders
and grow your business with Coastr.

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