Frequently Asked Questions


How does Coastr Pay-As-You-Use charging model work?

Coastr charges on a monthly pro-rata basis, applying a “Pay-As-You-Use" or metered billing which utilises the “active” vehicle count in your vehicle inventory and the pricing plan that you have selected on the platform to invoice you at the start of the billing cycle. If you add or remove vehicles from your “active” inventory within a billing cycle, these get tracked on a daily basis and only charged for the period that they remain active. A final charge (if you have added more vehicles than what you had on invoice date) or a credit note (if you have reduced your vehicle size from what you had on your invoice date) will be issued to your account automatically and adjusted with the next invoice or billing cycle. This ensures that you will never be overcharged and you pay for only what you use and how long you use. All telematics units will be charged as per your add-on pricing plan selected and the number of units ordered by you, regardless of whether they are active (installed in a vehicle) or not. Please ensure your “active” vehicle inventory is up to date at all times to ensure accurate billing and avoid overcharging As an example, if on the 1st day of your billing cycle, you have 100 “active” vehicles in your inventory, the system will generate an invoice for 100 vehicles for the month and charge your preferred mode of payment. If you add 10 vehicles on the 5th day of the cycle and keep it for 20 days, the system will charge for the extra 10 vehicles only for 20 days and add the charge in the next invoice or billing cycle. On the other hand, if you reduce your number of vehicles by 10 on the 5th day of the month, the system will generate a credit note for the 10 vehicles for 25 days and adjust it in the next invoice. Even if you have a high churn of vehicles within a billing period, don’t worry as the system will track “active” inventory changes on a daily basis and keep track of any excess charges or credits on a daily basis itself to provide a consolidated billing at the end of the cycle.

When does Coastr charge YOU?

Coastr will email you an automated invoice to your registered email address at the beginning of your billing cycle and charge your mode of payment within 7 days of generating the invoice.

Where do my invoices get sent to?

You will receive a system generated invoice in your main registered email address for your Coastr account. We can add additional recipients upon request. Please contact our support team for help with adding additional recipients for invoices at - (in-app chat support coming soon)

How long is the term of my agreement?

Please refer to the pricing plan on our website for this information, or you can check the details in the copy of your agreement that we provide to you in your onboarding email. For any further queries, please contact our support team for further details at (in-app chat support coming soon)

Who do I contact you for technical support or any other support related queries?

For any technical queries or any other assistance, please email our support team at - (in-app chat support coming soon)

If I need additional training on the Coastr platform, who do I contact?

You will receive instructions in your on-boarding email to book a slot with our Customer Success team for initial Product setup. They will also discuss with you and arrange any product training that you may need. Coastr also runs monthly Product webinars for customers where we go through the key features of the software, new releases and also answer any specific Q&As from users.
For additional training needs, please email us at (in-app chat support coming soon)

What are Coastr's official business hours?

Coast’s official business hours are between 08:30 - 17:30 GMT.
For any support related queries please contact us at (in-app chat support coming soon). Someone from the team will get back to you within 12-48 hours depending on the urgency of your query. For urgent assistance outside of our normal business hours, please contact your designated account manager.


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