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Coastr - Car rental software

Safe and Secure Data

Ensuring the utmost safety and security, our car hire software protects your data with advanced encryption and stringent privacy measures, underpinned by industry–leading data security solutions.

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Coastr - Car Rental Software Safe & secure data

Keep your customer and business data safe & secure

SOC certified- Coastr
ISO certified- Coastr
data protection with best-in-class AWS server  security - Coastr Connected mobility platform

Assured data protection with best-in-class AWS server security

At Coastr, we use advanced security features to minimise risk to your business through our secure cloud, underpinned by the server security of industry leader – Amazon Web Services.

Secure your valuable data such as: 

  • rental agreements

  • contracts

  • invoice information

  • customer details  

We follow stringent General Data Protection Regulation guidelines so you can be assured about data privacy.  Apart from securing your data, we also strive to reduce the time it takes to upload data. Our vehicle rental management software aims to drastically cut personnel costs by giving you access to a pre-existing database of vehicle specifications, to be used while booking or acquiring a new fleet. This enables you to reduce overheads or utilise your staff for other meaningful tasks. 

 Your privacy is protected by an integrated suite of capabilities

Why choose Coastr?

Safe & secure data - Coastr

Secure your data

Our car rental platform stores sensitive information like digital signatures, contracts and customer details on a secure Amazon cloud, which is GDPR compliant.

Access your data from anywhere

Access your data from anywhere

The Amazon cloud allows you to access the system and your data from anywhere in the world and at any time. It has unlimited memory for your documents.

Say goodbye to manual data entry

Say goodbye to manual data entry

With our database of vehicle specifications, customer information and other types of business data in the platform, you can retrieve these details automatically, minimising time for data entry on fleet acquisition, new bookings and invoicing to increase accuracy.

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