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Coastr - Car rental software

Connected Vehicles Technology

Anytime tracking | Real-time safety | New-age Convenience 

Car rental software Super Mobilities  - Coastr

Upgrade to connected car technology and provide a truly digital and touchless rental experience to your customers, while keeping your fleet safe with a contactless car rental system.

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Connected Vehicles Technology - Coastr
Contactless car rentals from Coastr

Get real-time fleet insights
with advanced telematics technology.

Predict maintenance needs, analyse driving patterns and optimise vehicle usage for enhanced efficiency using Coastr's new-age vehicle rental management software. Gain tailored insights to plan maintenance, make strategic acquisition decisions and manage disputes effectively. Maximise operational transparency and secure insurance coverage that accurately reflects your fleet's risk profile. 


your vehicles in real-time 


remote vehicle immobilisation


breakdowns with vehicle health reports


contactless rentals with keyless entry


customer experience


Always stay connected to your fleet.

24/7 security at your fingertips.

Coastr's contactless car rental platform utilises groundbreaking integrations with technology partners Smartcar and CalAmp to provide future-ready connected mobility solutions for shared mobility operators like you. With timely maintenance alerts and vehicle health reports, avoid breakdowns and schedule repairs ahead of time, every time.

Telematics Vehicle Tracking System - Coastr

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

  • Monitor your fleet 24/7 with advanced telematics

  • Enhance fleet safety

Vehicle Usage & Health Monitoring

  • Monitor fleet performance and health

  • Schedule timely servicing

  • Plan repairs in advance with predictive maintenance alerts

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Integrated Connected Mobility & Telematics Partner


Integrated OEM APIs Partner


Protect your fleet with just a click.

Leave worries of paying high insurance premiums to safeguard against vehicle theft in the past. With Coastr, you can simply immobilise stolen vehicles with a click from anywhere. 

Remote Vehicle Immobilisation

  • Shut down the engine of your stolen vehicle remotely

  • Prevent theft and misuse of fleet

  • Reduce insurance premiums

  • Improve stolen vehicle recovery rates

connected mobility Remote Vehicle Immobilisation System  - Coastr


Get more 5-star ratings with
contactless vehicle handovers.

Compete with modern rental businesses by offering convenient keyless rentals that empower your customers to access rental vehicles easily via their smartphone, enabling time-saving pick-ups and drop-offs.

Contactless car rental software - Coastr

Keyless Entry System

  • Offer contactless car rentals

  • Lock/ unlock using a digital key

  • Simplify pick-up and drop-off

  • Increased fleet security

  • Reduce customer waiting times

How does Coastr’s telematics technology
boost your business?

Seamless integration with cost-efficiency

Seamless integration with cost-efficiency

Each vehicle is equipped with our advanced telematics device, included in the per-vehicle pricing. This eliminates the need for a high one-time installation charge, ensuring affordability from the start.

Use data-driven insights to optimise business strategy

Use data-driven insights to optimise business strategy

The data collected by our telematics device is presented concisely on your dashboard, empowering you with clear insights. You can utilise this real-time vehicle location data to optimise fleet inventory based on usage, schedule maintenance proactively or take steps to enhance fleet security. 

Retain customers with regular rewards 

Retain customers with regular rewards 

Grab the advantage of data-driven insights to enhance customer experience. For instance, you can optimise insurance rates or reward star drivers based on driving patterns.

"The product is easy to implement into my day to day business. Going from several of my previous day-to-day software such as billing, vehicle tracking and inventory to just a single all-in-one software reduces my cost and helps me run the business better."

Herd Group - Coastr

Carol Baldwin 
Herd Hire, UK

Connected Vehicles Technology - All-in-one Software - Coastr

Use the power of connected car technology to grow your business with Coastr.

The only all-in-one contactless car rental software
for every rental operator.

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