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Advanced Reporting & MI
advacned repoting and analtyics
Coastr - Car rental software

Advanced Reporting

Analyse | Forecast | Anticipate

Improve fleet performance, safety and efficiency with advanced data-driven reports from Coastr’s future-ready car rental management software and keep your business ahead of the competition.

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vehicle rental system with advanced insights & reporting  - Coastr

Reports that keep your business
a step ahead.

Drive efficiency and outperform competitors by leveraging data-driven insights on your customers, fleet and operations with our all-in-one car or van rental software. Benefit from comprehensive, easy-to-analyse reports, alerts and real-time management information (MI)

Improve ROI

with fleet utilisation reports


fleet management


billing and compliance reminders


DTC alerts


operational efficiency and fleet safety


Make your business stronger with in-depth data analysis.

Access data-driven insights into your customers' booking behaviour and usage patterns from any device to better understand fleet utilisation. Coastr’s SaaS platform with fleet management reports and insights lets you make informed operational decisions, reduce fleet risk and avoid strategic oversights with a wide range of reports. 

From vehicle tracking reports for risk reduction to forecast reports for insightful market demand predictions, get all the information you need on a single dashboard and turn your business into the best in the business.

Best car rental software with advanced reporting and analytics - Coastr

Create and View Customer Profiles 

  • Get data-driven insights into booking behaviour and driver usage patterns 

  • Use these insights to create an accurate profile of your customers based on ROI, risk etc.

  • Increase efficiency by setting prices and insurance rates based on your customer profiles

Vehicle Diagnostic System with Incident Reporting

  • Access information about mileage, breakdown history and maintenance requirements

Fleet Utilisation Reports

  • Identify underutilised vehicles for reallocation or removal

  • Optimise fleet size and composition based on demand trends

  • Improve resource allocation for maximum profitability

  • Enhance operational efficiency by identifying areas for improvement

Vehicle Performance and Damage Reports

  • Monitor vehicle performance and identify maintenance needs promptly

  • Assess damage accurately to determine repair requirements

  • Improve fleet safety and reliability

  • Enhance customer satisfaction through well-maintained and safe vehicles

Crash Reports (Included with Telematics Only)

  • Facilitate insurance claims processing and resolution

  • Provide valuable insights into accident trends and risk areas

  • Enhance safety protocols by screening errant drivers


Give your business a competitive edge with forecast reports.

Understand and predict demand with practical forecast reports to gain a first-mover advantage and boost business growth. Avoid oversight and reduce fleet risk through vehicle tracking reports and DTC alerts.

Fleet Management Reports & insights - Coastr

Data-driven Forecast Reports

  • Predict demand trends to optimise fleet size and composition

  • Plan vehicle procurement and retirement strategies effectively

  • Enhance revenue projections and budgeting accuracy

Real-time Fleet Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Alerts

  • Enable immediate identification and resolution of vehicle issues

  • Minimise vehicle downtime and maintenance costs

  • Enhance fleet safety and reliability


Predict and address problems
ahead of time.

Although running a business comes with challenges, Coastr helps you flag and address issues before they turn into critical problems.  With Coastr, you can leverage vehicle health reports to ensure proactive maintenance of your fleet, and settle insurance claims without disputes with comprehensive damage reports. Scheduling customer payments and car service tasks is easy, as you can set and receive timely reminders for upcoming tasks as well as alerts for overdue items.

What’s more, Coastr’s in-depth Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for car rental businesses makes it easy for you to offer support and address complaints quickly and easily.

Fleet Management Reports & insights software for car rental business - Coastr

Robust CRM 

  • Customer profiles with driver details 

  • Booking history

  • Correspondence

  • Complaint and dispute records 

Billing and Compliance Reminders

  • Set up customer payments and car service schedules

  • Get automated reminders of upcoming tasks and receive alerts in case of overdue

Fleet Usage Data and Health Reports

  • Optimise fleet management by analysing usage patterns

  • Predict maintenance needs to reduce downtime

  • Improve customer experience by addressing issues proactively

  • Enhance decision-making regarding fleet investments and operational strategies

Choose the power of data to stay ahead of the competition. Choose Coastr.

The only all-in-one vehicle rental management system 
for every rental operator.

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