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Whitelabel Booking Website + app - Coastr
Customer portal whitelabel bookig website + app
Coastr - Car rental software

White-Label Customer Portals 

Scalable | New-age | User-friendly

Customers demand convenience, right from the booking process. Coastr’s white label car rental app and website, enables customers can easily complete documentation processes online and enjoy fully contactless rentals. 

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No Credit Card Required

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Best-in-Class Dedicated Support

Whitelabel customer portal for car rental business - Coastr
Coastr super mobility unit

More online customers. More growth.

Take advantage of Coastr’s self-service vehicle rental software to retain your brand and reach more new customers within days, with zero marketing spend. 


up to £50,000 with white label website and app


more customers with zero spends

Get up to 20%

rise in bookings


based on real-time fleet availability


your business from anywhere with own-branded website and app


White label customer portals for instant scalability.

See bookings rise by 20%.

Get your own-branded white-label car rental management software, with direct OEM integrations and self pick-up/drop-off options that let you operate your business from anywhere, without the need to establish new branches or add service locations. What’s more, bookings are based on real-time fleet availability for maximised revenue.

Best white label tech solution for car rental company -  Coastr

Customer Portal Basic
Own-branded white-labeled online booking website 

  • Reach more customers online under your own brand

  • Create and manage bookings, view past invoices easily

Customer Portal Max 

Own-branded white-labeled booking  Web + App (with user login) 

  • Increase service locations without branches with self pick-ups and drop-offs enabled by keyless entry


For a new generation of renters.

1 app to serve every customer.

(Only with Customer Portal Max)

Bring new-age convenience to your customer’s fingertips with keyless entry and transform your business into a future-ready enterprise.

White-Label car Rental tech Solutions - Coastr

Contactless Rentals with Keyless Entry 
(included with White Label Booking App only)

  • Offer 100% contactless rentals with Keyless Entry App

  • Fast and easy selfie video verifications

Learn more

Fully Digital Processes

  • Easy online bookings

  • Instant vehicle assignment and inventory updation

  • More visibility and control over your customers' data

  • Integration with leading payment and leasing partners

"Thanks to Coastr's white-label solution, we've seen a dramatic improvement in fleet utilisation and profitability. This success has fueled our decision to expand both our car and commercial vehicle fleets!"

Coastr - HireMoreCar

Jeremy Feeney

Hiremorecar, UK

white label car rental software - Coastr


Upgrade your customer's experience

Save up to £50,000 with white label website and app.

(calculated against market rates from third-party vendors)

Sit back and enjoy the positive ratings from your customers as you provide a seamless, self-service booking experience that’s faster, easier and smarter.

white label Customer Portal for vehicle rental business - Coastr

Seamless Omnichannel Bookings
(via website and mobile app) for added convenience

  • Enhanced customer experience due to faster online documentation

  • Convenience of online booking and customer management

  • Get automated damage reports on the app to eliminate disputes and deliver transparency

Retain your brand identity and accept bookings from anywhere with Coastr.

The only all-in-one vehicle rental booking software
for every shared mobility operator.

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