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Coastr - Car rental software

Business Success Suite

Car rental software Super Mobilities  - Coastr

Best-in-class support | Curated Marketing Collaborative Development

Going beyond technology, Coastr's vehicle rental ecosystem also offers a series of thoughtfully curated benefits designed to make your fleet rental business grow and prosper in the modern age

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Best-in-Class Dedicated Support

Business success suite - Coastr

The extra edge your business needs.

The car rental industry revolves around people, and effectively connecting with customers and resolving their issues is essential for running a successful shared mobility business. At Coastr, we understand this. This is why we provide the latest technology and innovation to power your business forward. We also offer unparalleled support with curated solutions from a dedicated team of experts who truly care about keeping your business ahead. 


software updates


customer support


marketing guide


optimisation with SEO


online training kits

A suite that makes a difference.


Coastr Asks

  • Insights on vehicle rentals, subscriptions, flexi-leasing and car-sharing.

  • Discover trends, challenges and innovations in shared mobility.

  • Explore expert knowledge via interviews, blogs, webinars and surveys.

Social Media starter kit from Coastr

Social Media Starter Kit

  • A guide to social media success for shared mobility businesses

  • Enhance your online presence, engage customers and grow your brand organically

  • Get tips, templates and strategies for planning, engagement, scheduling,  and content creation

SEO Starter Kit from Coastr

SEO Starter Kit

  • Learn how to optimise your shared mobility business's online visibility

  • Boost visibility, drive targeted traffic, enhance user experience and gain a competitive edge

  • Learn tools and strategies for keyword research, SEO and website optimisation

Newsletter subscriber -coastr

Industry Newsletters

  • Receive periodic updates on industry highlights

  • Learn about new innovations in the mobility industry

  • Get market insights before anyone else

Self service help center - Coastr

Self-service Help Centre

  • In-depth digital platform training kits 

  • Address problems anytime yourself

Dedicated Account Manager & Customer Success Team - Coastr

Dedicated Account Manager & Customer Success Team

  • Dedicated training so you can adopt the platform easily 

  • Use our features independently in no time

Easy Product Migration - Coastr

Easy Product Migration

  • Dedicated training so you can adopt the platform easily 

  • Use our features independently in no time

Product updates from Coastr

Product Updates
Every 4 Weeks

  • New features added regularly

  • Have your feedback addressed in product updates

"This company prioritises their clients and will help you with anything you need."

Denison Kapllani
Touch of Class Rental, USA

Business success suite from Coastr

Start a journey towards success with Coastr.

The only all-in-one car and van hire system
for every shared mobility operator.

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Vehicle Rentals & Dealerships

Flexi lease

Flexi Fleets

Corporate Car Sharing

Car Sharing

Car subscription

Car Subscription

Micro mobility

Micro Mobility Sharing

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