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Best Car Rental Software in 2023 - Coastr

Cloud-based | Advanced telematics | Booking & Fleet Apps

Car Rental Software 

Here's why companies trust us over legacy rental systems

Cloud Based car rental software - Coastr

Cloud based

Anytime & anywhere access, no hardware installation

Instant DVLA lookup - Coastr

DVLA Lookup

Unlimited verifications without leaving the platform

Automated booking and scheduling -Coastr

Automated booking and scheduling

Friendly UX means
3X faster booking management

Global team with multi-time zone support

Best-in-Class dedicated support

5-star rating on Capterra for unparalleled customer service

Monthly Product Feature Releases - Coastr

Monthly Product Feature Releases

User feedback based feature releases every 
4 weeks 

Customer Success Stories

London's PCO company could recover cars worth over £75,000 

Sunshine automobiles Case study
Vehicle remote immobilization - Coastr

Remote Immobilisation

helped recover vehicles in hours

Ghazi AR,
Sunshine Automobiles,

United Kingdom

24*7 Vehicle Tracking - Coastr

24*7 Vehicle Tracking

assured full control over the stolen vehicle's movements



Increased a Car Rental Company's Revenue by 55%+

Offering a paperless, contactless and keyless rental experience - Coastr

Up to 5 min
Saved per driving licence verification

20230120_102452 (1).jpg

Jeremy Feeney,

United Kingdom

35.9%  increase in van rental sales within 10 months - Coastr Hiremorecar case study

Significant cost saved
by automating rental processes and eliminating manpower

Stay one step ahead with UK's only
future-ready car rental software

The only All-In-One
Fleet Rental Management Ecosystem

We're not just selling software; we're empowering a Shared Mobility Ecosystem!
100+ shared mobility firms are growing faster with Coastr's future-ready technology

Fleet Rental Management Ecosystem - Coastr.png

1. Customer Portals

Connect with more customers at no marketing cost through a white-label self-service booking portal (website+app)

2. Operations Management Software

Manage daily rental fleet, subscription and flexi-leasing operations quickly and efficiently with fully automated processes

3. Connected Mobility Solutions

Provide a new-age contactless mobility experience using telematics, remote immobilisation and keyless entry

4. Marketplace of Partnerships

Exclusive access to leading Leasing, Insurance and Maintenance Partners for preferential rates as per your requirements

Solutions for

Unifying Your Vehicle Rental Operations

Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager 

3X faster booking and automated vehicle scheduling process

  • Enhanced operational efficiency

  • Streamlined reservations

  • Automated billing

  • Digitally manage vehicle check-ins/outs 

Car rental business owner


Up to 55% increase in revenue and 20% improved fleet utilisation

  • Increased fleet efficiency

  • Improved customer management

  • Enhanced decision-making through data driven insights

Account Manager

Account Management

Comprehensive end-to-end payment and billing solutions from reputed payment partners

  • Flexible billing 

  • Secure solution 

  • Latest in security, pre-authorisation and currency conversion


Front Desk

Front Desk

4 hours saved in daily rental management

  • Simplified reservations

  • Save time and effort with paperless processes

  • Easy customer profiling


Ready to adapt an innovate software for your fleet? 
Go digital and unlock new levels of fleet efficiency

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(Trading name of Nuvven Limited)

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