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George Saves 2 Hours Daily with Coastr, Boosting Efficiency by 50%

Thelwell Car and Van Rental's success with Coastr highlights how modern vehicle rental management software boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction, driving growth in a competitive industry.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Saved up to 2 hours daily in operations management.

cost saving

Cost-Saving Impact

Efficiency, labor reduction and operational optimisation.


Location: Northop Rd, Flint CH6 5QG,  United Kingdom

Fleet Size: over 50 cars

Rental Category: Retail Rental

USP: Convenient Location, Wide Range of Vehicles, Exceptional Customer Service, Competitive Pricing

Thelwell Car and Van Rental, a successful rental company that has been established for 40 years in North Top, United Kingdom, struggled with an outdated and cumbersome rental management system. 

The software caused time-consuming processes, frustrated customers, and hindered overall business growth. After discovering Coastr, a cloud-based rental management platform, Thelwell Car and Van Rental made the switch and has since experienced remarkable improvements in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall operations.

The Challenge

Thelwell Car and Van Rental grappled with several issues associated with their previous rental software, including

increased efficiency

Manual and Time-Consuming Processes

Booking, fleet management and invoicing were slow and error-prone, requiring extensive manual effort.

Limited Functionality

Limited Functionality

Essential features like automatic MOT reminders and real-time vehicle availability were missing, hindering organisation and responsiveness.

Inefficient communication

Inefficient Communication

The software lacked a mobile app, making communication between staff and customers cumbersome and outdated.

Thelwell Car and Van Rental chose Coastr over competitors

Coastr: A modern platform for various shared mobility operators in car rental, sharing, leasing and subscriptions.

Car Park


Thelwell Car and Van Rental,
United Kingdom

"No more manually tracking vehicle returns. Coastr keeps everything organised and saves us from paperwork headaches.

Customer support was helpful when learning the system, but now I rarely need it. It is intuitive and easy to use. Overall, Coastr has transformed our business. It's efficient, saves time and keeps our customers happy."

The Solution 

By implementing Coastr's rental management software, Thelwell Car and Van Rental has reaped numerous benefits

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency -  

Coastr streamlined booking, invoicing and fleet management, saving owner George at least 2 hours per day. Features like automatic reminders and colour-coded calendars enhanced organization and saved valuable time.

Improved Accuracy and Communication

Improved Accuracy and Communication -  

Coastr's accurate system minimized errors and ensured transparency. The mobile app facilitated real-time communication between staff and customers, improving responsiveness and customer service.

Enhanced Business Management

Enhanced Business Management-  

Coastr's ability to manage business customers more effectively, including insurance and additional drivers, streamlined operations and cater to diverse client needs.

Business Outcomes

By implementing Coastr's All-In-One Car Rental software, Thelwell Car and Van Rental has reaped numerous benefits

Time Savings:

Saves 2 hours daily in operations

Automation and user-friendly interface save time, allowing for increased focus on business development and customer interaction.

cost saving

Cost Savings

Increased efficiency led to reduced labor costs and improved operational optimization, positively impacting the company's bottom line.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined processes, clear communication, and improved responsiveness through the mobile app have resulted in happier and more satisfied customers.

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Sophie Stone - Coastr

Sophie Stone,
Senior Manager- Account Management & Customer Success, Coastr

“Thelwell Car and Van Rental's commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction.

It's rewarding to see how Coastr has helped them streamline their operations and elevate customer satisfaction.”

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