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Coastr - Car rental software

Fleet Management 

Smarter | Safer | Faster

Booking management system for vehicle rentals - Coastr

Coastr's car rental fleet management software
powers the 'Fleet of the Future'. A connected and automated fleet driven by IoT and
new-age telematics leads to a higher utilisation and efficiency

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Coastr's cloud-based fleet management software

The fleet of the future.

Manage your fleet effortlessly with a single cloud-based vehicle rental platform that provides a 360° view and makes routine tasks quicker and easier.


single view fleet dashboard

Automated & intelligent

fleet scheduling


service and repair schedules


fleet security with advanced telematics

Up to 450 hrs 

saved yearly


Choose the smarter way to stay
on top of your business.

Get a 360° view of your fleet.

Connect to a single-view dashboard to easily control and configure your fleet requirements in real-time. Harness the convenience of intelligent fleet scheduling based on vehicle availability, customer preferences and impending maintenance schedules.  You can also set and receive automated service and repair alerts for every vehicle to always keep your fleet business-ready.

Fleet management system- Coastr

Automated Fleet Scheduling

  • Intelligent fleet scheduling based on customer preferences, 
    impending maintenance and vehicle availability


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Fleet Maintenance Management

  • Set reminders for repairs and service 

  • Receive maintenance notifications and alerts

  • Get instant notifications for vehicle breakdowns/accidents


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Advanced Reporting 

  • Get fleet utilisation reports to maximise revenue

  • Be fleet aware with vehicle tracking reports and DTC alerts

  • Reduce disputes with vehicle damage reports

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" I would definitely recommend this system to other rental firms and the whole system is very easy to use."

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Mohammed Gul

Armex Vehicle Solutions Ltd, UK

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Keep your fleet safe and your business safer.

£75K worth of stolen vehicles recovered for a London operator.

At Coastr, keeping your business secure is of paramount importance to us. This is why we have powerful risk management frameworks in place. With a seamless blend of hyperconnected software and advanced telematics, now enjoy unparalleled fleet security.

From measures like tracking your fleet in real time, immobilising vehicles from anywhere to providing instant damage reports to safeguard against disputes, Coastr ensures that your fleet is never at risk. 

Advanced Vehicle Telematics

  • Access driver behaviour metrics like vehicle speed, harsh braking, acceleration, idle time and more

  • Receive vehicle health data such as engine trouble codes, sensor alerts, etc

24*7 GPS Vehicle Tracking 

  • 24*7 real-time vehicle tracking software

  • Monitor your fleet from anywhere

Remote Vehicle Immobilisation

  • Shut down your vehicle’s engine from anywhere 

  • Use its location to recover the vehicle easily 

  • Increase fleet security levels and reduce insurance premium


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Biometric Customer Verification

  • Verify 4000+ types of identity documents against existing PEPs/sanctions to avoid fraud

  • Screen renters real-time as per global KYC requirements

Automated Driver and Vehicle License Check (UK only)

  • Ensure drivers are legally licenced by running regular checks against the DVLA database

Secure Keyless Entry

  • Offer contactless car rentals

  • Enhance customer experience

Advanced Vehicle Telematics - Coastr


Fleet management, made faster.

Save up to 450 hours yearly.

(for customers with a fleet size of 100-200 vehicles)

Why spend hours of manpower to onboard your fleet when you can leave it to Coastr’s fast and efficient fleet management software? Our experts at Coastr have collaborated with operators like you to streamline and automate fleet operations to make your life easier.  

Fleet Management App - Coastr

Automated Fleet Onboarding

  • Pre-existing driver and vehicle licensing database for easy data migration

  • Vehicle-specification database to reduce human errors

  • Frog diagrams of your fleet for clearer profitability insights and compliance management

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Fleet Management App

  • Convenient single-view fleet maintenance dashboard 

  • Automated service and repair schedules for timely vehicle maintenance


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Save up to 2 hours daily in managing your fleet with Coastr.

The only all-in-one car hire system for shared mobility operators.

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