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Secure Digital Payments

Secure Digital Payments - Coastr Vehicle rental & fleet Management system
Coastr - car rental software
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Best-in-Class Dedicated Support

We enable secure, transparent and risk-free payments through end-to-end payment and billing solutions from our reputed payment partners. 

Make your payments secure 

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Coastr - Stripe for car hire
Safe & flexible payement - Coastr car rental system
Coastr - Xero for van rental business
Coastr - Worldpay for car rental system

Safe, flexible Payments with our globally trusted payment partners

Market leading will now become a standard with Coastr’s cutting-edge digital car rental software. 
We have partnered with global payments leader Stripe, Xero and Worldpay to offer our customers a secure, end-to-end payment solution. With Coastr, get access to the latest in security, pre-authorisation, currency conversion and electronic wallet solutions.

We leverage cutting-edge security solutions to help you pay with total peace of mind. 

Payments made Simple and Secure

Multiple Payment Solutions

With a fully integrated suite of payment solutions, we are able to provide you with a range of card payment options such as pay-by-link, mobile and online payments and integrated point-of-sale payments, directly initiated through the Coastr platform. We also provide traditional cash payment options. To facilitate your business across geographies, you can also accept payments in your currency of choice with Coastr.

Flexibility in billing

Apart from various payment methods, Coastr empowers you to offer your customers the flexibility to pay  weekly/monthly/quarterly, manage refunds and process pre-authorised payments. With Coastr’s digital car rental management software, you will be able to generate invoices as frequently as you want and access a consolidated view of invoices for individual customers.

Security is our top priority

Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use Stripe to accept payments and manage their businesses online.

Why choose Coastr ?

Comprehensive and seamless digitised solution -Coastr

Comprehensive and seamless digitised solution

With Coastr, you get an all-in-one vehicle rental management system that manages your payments securely with the help of our reputed payment partners. This seamless data flow between our compatible softwares will make it easier for you to manage both car rental bookings and invoices generated against them at one place.  

Secure payments at discounted rates - Coastr

Secure payments at discounted rates

As a Coastr customer, you get access to our payment partners' world-class security for your payment solutions at specially discounted rates. 
So, get onboard today and benefit from our exclusive partnership.


Adopt Coastr's proactive approach for secure, risk-free payments.

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