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About us

At Coastr, we are technological solution providers with a passion for digital innovation

About Coastr
About coastr - Van Hire System
car and van rental industry through constant innovation - Coastr

Coastr is a technology company in the mobility and travel space, revolutionising the car and van rental experience for operators and end customers through its fully-digital vehicle rental management ecosystem.

Our Product and Engineering Teams have spent a significant amount of time understanding our customers' processes and key challenges. We test beta releases every 4 weeks. 

Coastr aims to redefine the car and van rental industry through constant innovation

For car rental businesses - Coastr

For car and van rental companies

Coastr is an innovative all-in-one SaaS platform that entirely digitises fleet management and business operations of vehicle rental businesses through advanced AI and telematics technology.
With Coastr, car and van rental firms can automate time-consuming day-to-day operations and provide future-ready services like keyless entry and contactless rentals, enabling them to grow their business efficiently and compete with market leaders.

Coastr's easy-to-use travel app (coming soon) will connect car and van renters to trusted local vehicle rental companies through its digital marketplace. The app will thus empower travellers with greater choice, access to competitive rates, and better service - for a self-reliant and hassle-free rental experience.

For business and holiday travellers

Coastr customer app for car rental

Our mission

To transform the car and van rental industry and deliver a simple and engaging experience to our customers

Our values



We are restless in accepting the status quo. We know we can always do better, and we relentlessly challenge ourselves to do so. We’re innovative in everything we do. We question why, and we expect the best from ourselves and others. We create an environment where it’s foolish not to ask the stupid questions.  We’re not here to follow the pack – we are here to create the best outcomes for our customers, partners, colleagues, and business.



We hold ourselves accountable. We say what we’ll do, and we do what we say. We learn from our successes and failures.



We care about the people we work for, and those we work with. We also care deeply about the environment. At Coastr, we make tough decisions but we always treat others with respect, as we ask to be treated ourselves. We enter markets when we know we can make a difference, and we intend to leave the world in a better place than we found it.



 We build success by making sound business decisions and by building mutually profitable relationships with our customers and our partners.



We’re open and honest in our propositions, communications and business practices. Customers, partners and colleagues know what to expect from us and what we ask from them in return.



We are open and honest in the assessment of our prejudices and actively seek alternative views. Different perspectives and experiences help us make better decisions.

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Our story

Coastr's parent company, Nuvven Limited, was founded out of a passion for travelling, and the urge to make it convenient for all. This is the story of our founder Biswajit, an avid traveller with a vision to solve problems faced by fellow travellers looking to rent cars, as well as small vehicle rental companies seeking more customers.

"As a child, I have travelled a lot in trains across India. I remember my excitement as a train would slowly approach the platform, waiting to take me to somewhere new and totally unexplored. I carried this dream with me when I moved to the UK and wanted to explore every nook and corner of this beautiful and diverse European continent, to experience the sights and sound of new cultures and their culinary delights. And this, unfortunately, led to many uncomfortable encounters with car rental companies.
Over 85% of customers who regularly rent cars or vans have expressed dissatisfaction in their rental experience. Now compare this to their No. 1 reason for renting: 70% of people hire cars for ‘convenience’.

I am an avid traveller and this was a chance to fix problems faced by my fellow travellers and myself when renting cars.

With Coastr, I am able to carry out my vision of creating a consumer-centric
car rental experience that unlocks the true value of ‘convenience’ that customers desire. Our goal is to create more transparency and drive best practices in the industry.
At Coastr, we believe that transforming the industry from the inside out is key to solving customer problems."


Biswajit K Roy


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