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Car Rental software boosts retail business's revenue by 55%+ in 2022

Coastr rental Case study

Coastr's new-age digitisation helps UK based Hiremorecar automate rental operations and deliver a friction-free end-customer experience 

Less than 1 week  to implement software

Less than 1 week

to implement software

55.3%  increase in car rental sales within 10 months - Coastr hiremorecar case study

Revenue up

increase in both car and van rental sales within 10 months

35.9%  increase in van rental sales within 10 months - Coastr Hiremorecar case study

Significant cost saved

by automating rental processes and eliminating man power

Watch Jeremy Feeney, Director at HireMoreCar, talk about how Coastr has helped
improve efficiency and expand his business



Founding Year: 1997

Location: Maidstone, England

Fleet Size: over 50 cars

Rental Category: Retail Rental

USP: Hiremorecar offers cars for rental              at affordable prices

A 25 years rental industry veteran, Jeremy Feeney, knows the ultimate competitive advantage for any company is delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

Jeremy, Hiremorecar Limited's Director, has taken several proactive approaches from time to time to serve his customers better. One such effort was addressing the subpar customer experience caused by his rental business's fragmented software that led to extended wait times. The longer customers have to wait, the more dissatisfied they become and less likely to return or recommend the business.

The Challenge

Hiremorecar observed firsthand how disjointed software with disconnected workflows and information were hindering his customer's satisfaction.

It was this predicament, combined with Jeremy’s aim to ease the processes surrounding rental management, spurred him to adopt an off-the-shelf full stack software platform that provides a multifaceted backend system for daily operations, as well as modern technology features.

Reducing waiting time and increasing booking speed -Coastr Rental & fleet solution

Increasing booking speed and reducing wait time

Offering a paperless, contactless and keyless rental experience - Coastr

Offering a paperless, contactless and keyless rental experience

Automating DVLA verification - Coastr DVLA lookup

DVLA verification
without leaving the software

Finding a cost-effective all-in-one rental management software  - Coastr

Finding a cost-effective all-in-one rental management software 

Hiremorecar chose Coastr over competitors:

We are the only Vehicle Rental Software with ALL-IN-ONE features for today and tomorrow

During his extensive hunt for an efficient car rental software, Jeremy learned about Coastr through Denise House from Coastr. Following a series of discussions and an in-depth product demo, Coastr turned out to be a straightforward choice. Not just because Coastr had the capabilities and integrations Hiremorecar required, but also because the all-in-one ecosystem offered the additional features that could help the Maidstone-based fleet operator automate and streamline his business workflow.

Car Park
20230120_102452 (1).jpg

Jeremy Feeney,

United Kingdom

It was the first time I was seeing a car rental system where customers enter the details once and the rest of the booking process was taken care of.  

Coastr brings together mobility, technology, and automation under one roof, enabling fleet operators to meet the demands of modern-day customers who are often busy and seek instant gratification.”

Faste Booking, Fewer error
Automating DVLA Lookup
Reducing cost by eliminating manpower
A cost-effective keyless and contactless rental solution
Protection from theft and wrongdoing

The Solution 

Dedicated team for onboarding, training & support, speed up implementation which lasts less than a week


Full Integrated and seamless Operations Management Software


Automated and instant
DVLA Lookup 


Reducing cost by eliminating manual processes


A cost-effective keyless and contactless rental solution


24*7 tracking
& protection from theft and wrongdoing

5 Step seamless booking process leads to fewer errors and happier customers

Hiremorecar's rental operations were previously managed manually through spreadsheets, leading to longer customer wait times and increased business management time. But by partnering with Coastr, they were able to transform their operations entirely. With Coastr, customers can now book, receive quotes, and make payments instantly through a single interface, while the platform integrates all sales processes into one place, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency and flexibility for Hiremorecar

Automating DVLA lookup means not having to leave the platform to check and instant updation for a repeat customer

Coastr’s automated licence checks helped Hiremorecar save a fortune in potentially increased insurance costs at a time when fleet operators are more exposed than ever to risks from driver behaviour. The cloud-based platform reduces this risk by automatically checking drivers’ licences against DVLA data, identifying at-risk drivers. In short, Coastr is transforming DVLA verification from being an operational burden to a business advantage.

End-to-end rental process automation means eliminating manpower and hence reducing costs

Before Coastr, Hiremorecar's service agents had to manually complete each booking, causing long call queues, frustration and lost rental bookings which forced the company to employ a call centre. Fast forward to today, customers can easily book their own vehicles with Coastr's web or mobile application, leading to a significant increase in Hiremorecar's profits.

New-age Keyless Entry Feature means expanding to new customer that crave contactless experience

Hiremorecar now offers keyless entry and flexible drop-offs with Coastr's intuitive solution. Customers can conveniently access parked vehicles via their mobile devices at prearranged locations. Coastr also enables a contactless rental experience, perfect for a post-pandemic world. Customers can do everything from selecting their car to driving it off entirely through the app.

Standout features in Fleet Management like Vehicle Tracking and Remote Immobilisation means protection from theft and wrongdoing

Hiremorecar uses Coastr's vehicle tracking and immobilisation to instantly immobilise fleet vehicles. Coastr's reporting system offers real-time driving data, such as location, speed, and crash detection. This data improves fleet operations and supports vehicle theft recovery and driver data collection.

Business Outcomes



increase in car rental sales within 10 months


increase in van rental sales within 10 months


Increased fleet utilisation

through streamlined booking process, whitelabelled customer portal, and more


Increased fleet size

website image -  (1) (2).png

through Efficient inventory management, utilisation reports and more

Paperless, keyless,
and contactless rentals
now offered to Hiremorecar customers

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Parking Lot
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“Our aim is not to just sell a product but to develop a business opportunity that delivers convenience vehicle renting at its finest

Denise House,

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