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A Spotlight on Rental and Mobility Trends

In Collaboration with

Coastr Collaboration with BVRLA

EVENT DATE: 26 /04/2024

Meet The Speakers

Amanda Brandon -BVRLA

Amanda Brandon

Director of Member Engagement, BVRLA

Catherine Bowen- BVRLA

Catherine Bowen

Senior Policy Advisor, BVRLA

Biswajit - Coastr CEO

Biswajit Kundu Roy

CEO, Coastr


Alistari Warden

Area Sales Director, Towergate

Ben Horn,

Ben Horn

ESG Specialist & Commercial Lead, Omnevue

Watch The Webinar

webinar on Rental & Mobility Trends - Coastr
Rental & Mobility Webinar - Coastr

The car rental and mobility industries are in the midst of transformative changes – from the transition to shared mobility to the progression towards zero emissions to digital transformation of fleet management.

As we navigate through the whirlwind of changes that 2024 has ushered in, it's essential to pause and gain insights about the emerging trends and innovations that could shape the trajectory of your mobility business.

Rental and Mobility Trends -Coastr
Digital transformation, ESG and Compliance are crucial - Coastr.jpg

Digital transformation, ESG and Compliance are crucial

For mobility providers, the business landscape is in a state of flux. Rapidly changing consumer preferences, high insurance premiums and transition to net zero are driving towards an evolving mobility ecosystem, particularly with a focus on technology. 

With this in mind, our subject matter specialists will disucss what's on the horizon that could impact your business in the rest of 2024.

This 40-minute webinar will offer insights into

Navigating 2024 - Rental, Mobility, and Business Trends

safer fleets -Coastr

 Recent developments in the insurance market

technology and customer experience

Ways technology can support to deliver an improved experience to your customers

mobility business operations -Coastr.jpg

Legislative changes that will influence your mobility business operations

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) - Coastr.jpg

 Environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics shaping your business and customer interactions

Future trends and opportunities in rental and mobility space - Coastr.jpg

Future trends and opportunities in rental and mobility space

Best suited for

Rental and mobility industry professionals

Entrepreneurs and startups in the mobility space

Investors and venture capitalists

Anyone Interested in the future of transportation and mobility

Fleet & mobility trends

In Collaboration with

Coastr Collaboration with BVRLA

Established in 1967, the BVRLA is the UK trade body for over 1,000 companies engaged in vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management. Their membership is responsible for a combined fleet of four million cars, vans and trucks – one-in-ten of all vehicles on UK roads. 

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