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Connected vehicles are redefining the future of mobility businesses by offering increased convenience, safety and security of the fleet as well as providing flexible and enjoyable driving experiences to customers.

Welcome to an insightful webinar featuring experts from Coastr and Smartcar to discuss how connected and contactless vehicle technology can unlock opportunities for your mobility and rental business.

Key takeaways:

Improved customer safety and convenience using connected and contactless ecosystem

Eliminate multiple touchpoints in the rental process and adopt touchless technology 

Contactless technology - keyless entry- Coastr.png

Navigate the new world of vehicle rentals using keyless entry, telematics, vehicle tracking, etc.

Opportunities and future developments in this space

Webinar Video Anchor

Watch The Webinar

Webinar - Smartcar (1).png

Meet the speakers

Biswajit Kundu Roy_edited.jpg

Biswajit Kundu Roy

Founder and CEO


Sahaskatta_Smartcar (1).jpg

Sahas Katta

CEO and Co-Founder 


Lee Anderson Coastr.jpg

Lee Anderson

Director- Sales and Partnerships



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