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Contactless Rental Technology:
Has the Mobility Sector cracked the security concerns?

EVENT DATE: 10 /11/2022


This 60-minute webinar will offer insights into

Contactless Car Rental

How contactless vehicle rental services are changing the status quo?

Security safety

Debunking misconceptions surrounding security and safety aspects

Real-time vehicle tracking and immobilization

Key features of the technology, including real-time vehicle tracking, keyless entry and remote immobilization 

Wireless Aumotation

Handy tips to optimise the rental process and provide a seamless digital experience every step of the way 

Future trends and opportunities in this space -Coastr

Future trends and opportunities in this space

Webinar Video Anchor

Watch The Webinar

Coastr webinar on contactless technology

Best suited for

Rental operators, fleet managers, business owners, operations managers, commercial directors and anyone interested in adopting new-age technology in their fleet operations.

Contactless Car Rental Technology: Enhancing Security in the Mobility Sector 

The car rental industry is in the midst of a profound change. Evolving regulatory environment, demanding customer needs, increased competition and dynamic cost equations are creating a perfect storm for fleet operators to challenge strategies that they have relied upon for generations. 

This is where contactless car rentals take centre stage, enabling operators to significantly enhance fleet control and maximise profit.
Contactless car

Security. Safety. Convenience.
Optimising rentals with
Connected Car Solutions

While many of us welcome the convenience offered by cutting-edge technology, some are concerned about the security ramifications such as data privacy and security. With this in mind, our speakers, with extensive experience in the mobility sector, will discuss in-depth about contactless vehicle rental technology and sieve through the fiction and facts to debunk the misconceptions around it.

Meet The Speakers

Lee Anderson Coastr

Lee Anderson

Director of Sales and Partnerships, Coastr
  • LinkedIn

An Internationally experienced Sales Director with 18 years of experience in B2B sales within the UK, Europe, and MENA. Before starting with Coastr, Lee worked for Masternaut (Michelin Group) working with mobility companies throughout Europe. Previously he has worked with British Telecom, Cable&Wireless, Vodafone & Yell Group.


George Szundi

Director of Marketing, Smartcar
  • LinkedIn

With extensive experience in product marketing management, he exhibits a track record of SaaS growth and successful startup exits. His area of expertise includes GTM execution, positioning, sales enablement, and marketing automation. Currently he is leading marketing at Smartcar, the development platform for mobility businesses (Series B - Energize Ventures, Andreessen, NEA).

connected mobility - Coastr.jpg

In collaboration with

Smartcar - Coastr Integrated partner
Smartcar is the leading API platform for connected car data, offering keyless entry solution to mobility companies to provide a truly digital and fully contactless experience. Using Smartcar's API, rental companies can easily activate a digital key with our simple and secure car API. Once connected, vehicle rental businesses can track fleets, remotely lock or unlock the vehicle, view odometer readings, fuel tank levels, EV battery & charging status and much more.
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