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What’s in a name? The history and future of Coastr

Scotland has always been a veritable melting pot of startup innovation, emerging brands and pioneering business.

Coastr is proud to be a part of that school of modern-day growth enterprises, a car rental software startup with a vision. We’re one of thousands of emerging Scottish companies that want to transform the way we live, travel and interact.

Why Coastr?

Coastr is more than a name. But as an emerging startup, we know we have work to do to make our name - and brand - felt across the wider vehicle rental management system industry.

The history of Coastr is wrapped up in our ethos, our vision and our purpose…and, despite the frequent misspelling of our name as Coaster, (not to mention the many, many search term hits you get for Coastr, such as, the marketing agency coastr, coastr the musician!) our brand, our expansion and our niche remain clearly defined, and we remain fervently growth-minded.

What’s in a name?

Ironically, car brand names are the top most misspelt brand names in the world. So while some of our new vehicle rental customers may, at times, trip over our name, we feel Coastr perfectly reflects and illustrates our purpose.

Coastr was initially called Nuvven, but, as our CEO and Founder Biswajit Kundu Roy said, “We decided to rebrand ourselves to reflect our philosophy of delivering seamless journeys by keeping innovation at the centre of our journey together”.

What does Coastr mean?

Coastr symbolises movement, freedom, and travelling from coast to coast.

It’s about driving forward and leading digital innovation in our industry: helping companies better integrate tech into their stack, and helping vehicle rental companies provide seamless journeys for their customers in the digital age.

It’s also about action, movement, and setting new standards within our niche.

Coastr takes vehicle rental expectations and smashes them, using both the ubiquitousness of tech, and the desire to travel, and mixing it into one awesome, commercial, catchy and unique platform anyone fleet operator - or customer - can use.

We’re also proudly Scottish, and see our presence in Edinburgh - as part of the growing Scottish startup scene - as a foundational element of our business.

The future of vehicle rental

The future of vehicle rental mirrors that of other travel industries - customers want, and expect, a more modern and more efficient way to engage with brands. Rental operators also want to know the platforms they engage with can provide ROI, can integrate easily with existing legacy processes, and can be done for a reasonable, sustainable price.

Coastr delivers for customers and fleet operators.

For customers, Coastr offers app-based service to keyless vehicle entry, more competitive real-time pricing to up-to-date fleet choices: the customer demands more information to make better choices, and our name represents that forward-thinking customer need.

Behind the scenes, our platform is revolutionising the way fleet operators manage their vehicles by factoring in unique tools such as fleet maintenance organisation, dynamic pricing, vehicle tracking, automated fleet scheduling and more.

In fact, the full range of features we offer are designed to answer every question a vehicle rental fleet operator could or would ask.

This is why Coastr, the name and the brand, are so immersed in innovation, and freedom - freedom to make better business choices and to use tech to improve business operations.

Our Accomplishments

In 2021, we received multiple industry awards:

  • Lux Life rated us Most Innovative Car Rental Platform UK 2021

  • SME voted us Best Vehicle Rental Software 2021

  • CBS and TBD rated us one of their Global Thought Leaders 2020,

  • And we won Best Car Rental Technology Provider UK 2021 from the FinTech Awards.

We were also shortlisted for The Travel Industry Awards 2021, and the GreenFleet Awards 2021. To top it of, we’re also BVRLA members, and a LPHCA Gold Partner.

Coastr brings the Car and Vehicle Rental Software industry into the 21st century and beyond, by offering new-age solutions to a well established, and in high-demand, industry.

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