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Revenue Management System

Dynamic Pricing | Instant Invoicing | Automated Accounting

With Coastr’s fleet revenue management software, forget manual calculations or oversights forever. Reap the benefits of flexible pricing rules and automated billing systems to ensure enhanced cash flow and a seamless customer experience.

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Vehicle rental revenue management system for car rentals- Coastr
Dyanmic Pric

More possibilities to grow your revenue.

Coastr’s versatile SaaS platform enables custom pricing for car rentals, helping you capitalise on demand and reduce revenue losses.


digital payment solutions

Custom pricing

for custom vehicle groups

Set seasonal

pricing rules


invoicing & payment partners


customer experience


Customisable pricing rules to power your business ahead.

Adjust your prices seasonally to increase revenue.

Coastr’s dynamic pricing strategy for car and van rental companies makes it easy to set and alter pricing rules flexibly based on seasonal demand, customer type or location, so your business can maximise its revenue to the fullest.

dynamic pricing strategy for car rental companies

Set Dynamic Pricing Rules based on

  • Day/night

  • Peak/off-peak traffic

  • Customer (based on loyalty/past driving history) 

  • Market trends

  • Location (with custom surcharge for airport pickups/drop-offs)

  • Seasonal pricing to maximise on-demand

Create Custom Vehicle Groups 

  • Streamline fleet management

  • Offer tailored rental options catered to specific customer needs

Set Custom Pricing for Vehicle Groups (Daily/Monthly/Distance)

  • Optimise revenue by extracting value from different time periods or customer segments

  • Stay agile and responsive to market shifts 


Faster invoicing. Flexible modes of payment.

Powered by industry-leading companies like Xero.

Unlock enhanced cash flow with flexible, convenient digital payment solutions from Coastr and elevate customer experiences. While you experience the convenience of automating recurring billing and payments.

Organised Payment Solution

  • Accept cash/card payments

  • Filter invoices

  • Instant invoice generation with operator branding

  • Automatic invoice generation for long-term bookings

  • Automate recurring billings/payments 

  • View payment history

Fleet Revenue Management system

Powered by

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Integrated Payment Partners


Add efficiency to accounting.

Powered by Sage.

Eliminate manual calculations and avoid any oversight on outstanding invoices and balances with fully-automated ledger entries.  Access detailed financial reports and insights to monitor fleet performance closely.

Coastr’s advanced car rental revenue software, you can also download customised invoices that can be effortlessly integrated with leading accounting platforms for seamless invoicing and efficient financial management.

Rental revenue management system for car rental business - Coastr

Simplify the numbers game

  • Automated + manual invoice sharing with Sage

  • Custom invoice download 

  • Automated general ledger entry 

Powered by


Integrated Accounting Partner

Digitise revenue management and watch your business grow with Coastr.

"Coastr saves me hours daily. Invoicing is fast, and I can email them right away. It's a user-friendly and easy-to-use system."

- George
Thelwell car and van rental, UK

The only all-in-one shared mobility software
for every rental operator.

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