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6 reasons why keyless entry attracts more clients to your car rental company

It is fast becoming apparent that, as we move into a post-COVID world, technical innovation within the van and car rental market have played a huge part in guaranteeing safe journeys and COVID-safe services during one of the toughest times in our recent history.

Among such new-age innovations, one of the most popular, effective and relatively simple solutions has been keyless vehicle entry.

Remote keyless systems have been a uniquely effective tool in two ways - reducing wait times for customers (therefore increasing customer satisfaction) and ensuring firms are going above and beyond to protect their customers and staff from unnecessary human contact and/or interaction with touch points to create a fully-contactless rental system.

So, what makes keyless entry a must-have

for YOUR car and van rental business?

Our own studies indicate that vehicle drop-off and keyless entry are both desired (and influential) factors in choosing to do business with a rental firm, with up to 70% of customers expressing dissatisfaction with waiting times to access a vehicle.

  1. Offering keyless entry as a feature protects you from the unwanted scenario of customers switching to a Smart Rental business.

  2. Keyless entry comes with the advantage of flexible drop-offs, be it at a customer’s home or at a prearranged location.

  3. It allows your staff to continue working rather than waste time waiting for customers to pick up their vehicles. Your customers can simply access the parked vehicle at the predetermined location via their mobile device at their convenience.

  4. The uncertainties of the aftermath of COVID-19 are a major factor in going keyless due to zero human contact during pick-ups and drop-offs thanks to its in-built remote vehicle lock/unlock feature. Keyless entry is thus an essential feature that singlehandedly safeguards your customers - and your staff.

  5. Together with biometric verification, remote immobilisation and real-time reporting, keyless entry acts as a critical safety component within the smart car ecosystem, for both your fleet and your customers.

  6. With keyless entry, you immediately resolve the issue of long vehicle waiting times for your customers. This means you’re positively affecting the customer experience – every time they rent a car or van with your firm. As keyless entry is included as part of Coastr’s Pro and Advanced plans, this is a benefit just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Keyless is key

While a humble “car key” itself is not an issue that needs fixing within the rental market, keyless entry is a definitive solution for increased customer wait times at peak trading periods. Additionally, the increased importance of vehicle cleanliness in the wake of COVID-19 has brought keyless car entry into the mainstream.

These are not novel trend-based changes, but long-term attitudinal shifts in customer expectation, and vehicle rental company owners cannot and should not be behind the curve. Keyless entry is not only efficient, it’s desired from your customers and it's more affordable than ever.

Bring your fleet into the mainstream and meet your post-pandemic customer expectations head on. Contact our sales team and install keyless entry in your fleet at no extra cost.*

*Bundled with Pro and Advanced Plans only



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