Immobilisation and Vehicle Tracking 

Experience peace of mind with fleet security

Telematics Technology for a real-time view of your fleet

Our software uses telematics data to

  • predict when vehicles will be off the road, maintenance needs

  • analyse customer driving patterns and

  • record vehicle usage during hire.


This tailored view of your fleet gives you an unique insight to

  • plan utilisation, maintenance,

  • make targeted fleet acquisition decisions,

  • manage disputes on fines and accidents and

  • get insurance that better reflects asset risk profile; idle vs active vehicles

peace of mind with fleet security

Affordable Telematics Technology that integrates seamlessly to eliminate inefficiencies in your rental business

We realise that it has been difficult for small car rental companies to compete with the Big 5 of the industry due to lack of affordable technology. However, with telematics right at the core of our car rental platform, you will not only be able to access real-time information of your fleet but also have additional control over your inventory and theft management via keyless entry and immobilisation capabilities.

Increased safety with real-time Vehicle Tracking and Immobilisation

Coastr’s telematics device provides you with additional security by accurately tracking your vehicles in real time. It also sends alerts in the event of car crashes so that you can extend security to your customers too. In addition, it comes with an immobilisation option to prevent theft or malicious use.

Improved customer experience with Keyless Entry

Give your customers the convenience and comfort of a fully-contactless car rental experience. This will empower you to eliminate the long waiting lines that lead to 70% dissatisfaction among customers while increasing your customer base and revenue.

Improved customr experience with Keyless entry
Real time vehicle diagnostics

Real-time vehicle diagnostics

Through state-of-the-art telematics devices installed in every vehicle,  you can monitor your fleets performance and health, schedule timely servicing and plan ahead for repairs using our Predictive Maintenance alerts. A well maintained fleet will result in lower overheads, lower cost of insurance and higher resale value. 

Why choose Coastr?
Use data-driven decisions to yield higher profits

Segregate customers based on driving patterns with vehicle usage data 

Not all customers are the same which is why our telematics device helps you build a unique profile for everyone. It records driving patterns and untoward events like accidents, over-speeding and harsh braking. This data gets fed into the customer’s profile to help you understand usage history and weed out bad customers, thereby improving your risk profile and reducing insurance costs.

Fleet efficiency

Make cost-effective decisions when acquiring new fleet

Make decisions that are guided by data analysis of car usage, demand based on seasonality, and fleet condition. Also, compare brands based on mileage and breakdown history and plan inventory requirements based on utilisation. Coastr’s platform will provide you with demand forecasts on vehicle trends from across the industry to ensure you have the right fleet mix.  

Get 15 – 20% increase in fleet utilisation with planning based on data

When you get access to real-time fleet utilisation, diagnostics data and a clearer picture of on/ off-road driving patterns, your planning and scheduling will automatically improve - resulting in higher fleet utilisation. 

Reduce costs with access to data-driven insurance rates

Our telematics device, installed in every vehicle, records customer driving patterns, damage to vehicles on trip and violations committed. This is intended to give you an accurate data-driven risk profile of customers and fleet which will unlock cheaper rates through our insurance partners.

record customer behaviour
Cost-effective Installation and Process built into the Plan 

This is done by fitting your vehicles with our state-of-the-art telematics device that constantly records data and allows you to monitor every vehicle. The price of the telematics device is included in the pricing per vehicle, so as to eliminate the financial burden of a high one-off installation charge. 


This data is then fed into your dashboard in a concise and coherent way for you to better plan your fleet inventory based on the number of cars in use. Utilise this information to now schedule vehicle maintenance based on usage data, secure your fleet with real-time vehicle location data, get better insurance rates or reward star customers based on driving patterns.

Increased Safety with Real Time Vehicle tracking and immonilisation

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