Biometric Customer Verification

Advanced security like never before

Secure your car rental business with Biometric Customer Verification

Coastr is the only car rental platform in the world which has introduced biometric-based customer verification. You can now verify the authenticity of your customers' documents to weed out bad customers and prevent fraud through a seamless, easy mobile-based process.

Biometric Customer Verification
Verify your driver details

Government databases at your service

Our cutting-edge car rental platform also gives you access to government databases, for verifying driver details for authenticity and licence infringements. In the UK, we work with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). In the future, we will soon be integrating with similar licensing authorities in other countries where our customers operate. Such partnerships help us protect your assets and remove time-consuming tasks from your daily activities.

Future-ready security with Biometric Customer Verification

For the first time, Coastr provides you with state-of-the-art security through our biometric-enabled customer verification process. Our technology partner provides you with a GDPR compliant solution that seamlessly accepts a selfie video and photocopy of every customer's driving license to authenticate their identity through our platform.

Integration with licensing authorities

Coastr provides you with increased security through the driving history database of your customers. With our access to databases of  Government authorities, you can verify driver details for authenticity and license infringements. This feature enables you to reduce risk from negligent customers.

Single view of your customer data

The Coastr platform will provide you with everything you need to know about your customers' personal information, bookings, driving history — all in one place.

Go ahead, enhance your customer's experience by improving up-sell and reduce fraud in the process.

Integration With Licensing Authorities
Single View of your Customer Data
Selfie based biometric customer verification

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