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Top 5 Car Rental Software Myths to Stop Believing


For years, vehicle rental companies have been battling the onrushing digital torrent.

We’ll look at five vehicle rental software myths and bust them open!

Confronted with myriad solutions and rental operations, it’s been hard for many rental

companies, especially smaller ones, to know what constitutes effective and efficient fleet

management software.

A well-curated digital rental solution can immeasurably improve rental company efficiencies and fleet management. However, there are broad misconceptions about how, where and why rental software should and can be implemented - often holding back business owners from maximising returns. So, we see it as our duty to remove the myth from fact and give every rental operator the right sort of information to make sure they’re making the right software choice.

Myth #1: Car Rental Software is Expensive

It's true you have to spend money to make money - but throwing money at a catch-all digital solution won’t provide you with the efficiencies unique to fleet management.

Vehicle rental companies require a specialist rental platform that offers flexibility where it matters, scalability where you need it, and cost-effectiveness throughout. Above all, it needs to be dynamic enough to handle peak business pressures, and sustainable in the long term for every sized rental firm.

Coastr does just this - with a huge host of digital packages we feel our platform is usable and effective for fleets of any size, and at any budget.

We have numerous pricing and package plans (growth, pro, and enterprise) fit for the purpose of any sized rental company.

Myth #2: Vehicle Rental Software is not Beneficial for Small Vehicle Fleet Businesses

This is undoubtedly the most destructive and incorrect myth of all!

For small rental companies, the little things really matter - reputation, effective customer

service, quality of service and timeliness of order and delivery of vehicles. The end-customer needs to know that size is no issue - the personal touch is always there, and the service never compromises on quality because it’s a “plucky startup”. Trust us, we are a plucky Startup!

Coastr’s unique fleet management features such as remote vehicle immobilisation and real-time vehicle tracking, keyless entry and secure digital payments provide a seamless digital experience for your customers. This means reputation management delivered with a simple digital solution. That’s what we do best, and it’s what small businesses need.

Myth #3: Car Rental Software is Complex to Use

If you ever hear someone saying that car rental software is complex to use, chances are they are either using a fragmented solution or they are lagging behind technological advancements in the industry. Because if you look at Coastr’s connected mobility platform or any other holistic solution powered by cutting edge technologies like telematics and artificial intelligence, you would realise how easy it is to gauge and understand information at one glance at your dashboard. Such a system will enable customers to book available fleet online, get quotations, and make payments in the blink of an eye - all through a single platform.

Myth #4: Integration of Fleet Rental Software into a Traditional Car Rental Business is Tough

This is a popular myth slurred around the vehicle rental industry and it mostly comes from the notion that people from non-tech backgrounds would eventually find it very hard to achieve the desired result. This is never the case.

Any individual can be trained despite their academic and technical skills about how to use and run the business along with the car rental software. To mitigate this predicament further, companies are offering a free demo of the solution to help people understand the technicalities of the product.

Myth #5: Customising Vehicle Rental Software is Challenging

It probably will require some planning to customise the car rental software for a large fleet in the shortest possible time without compromising the ongoing fleet tasks. However, customising a car rental system does not necessarily need to be complicated. From voicing out the brand pitch to picking up the brand colour, you can always ask for certain customisations in the software. Opting for a whitelabel car rental software will make customisation easier, giving fleet operators the flexibility to add or remove certain features as per their unique business needs.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this blog will help you feel more at ease about using vehicle rental software that will fit your unique business needs. As vehicle rental management continues to evolve, so will the myths. Take time to really think about them before you decide what you consider as myths.


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