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Whitelabel Booking Website + App

Put your brand in the spotlight with our customisable white label solution

Acquire new customers with the promise of convenience, transparency and value-for-money through a fully digital and contactless rental experience via our user-friendly, mobile car rental app.

Coastr - Customer Portal Software -Whitelabel website +app
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Our Technology. Your Brand.

Coastr Whitel label client portal software - Use your own brand to get new customers online

Use your own brand to
get new customers online

Our booking website + app lets you provide your rental customers with an easy booking process and a fully contactless car rental experience.

  • Easy online booking

  • Instant vehicle assignment and inventory updation

  • Go contactless with keyless entry app

  • Selfie video verification

Whitelabel Booking Website + app - Coastr

7 out of 10

Consumers express a lack of trust and dissatisfaction while renting cars

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Serve every customer with one powerful app

Get our white label rental & fleet management platform to fit your brand.
Better value and service for all.

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The Holiday Seeker
The Business Traveller
The Grocery Shopper
 At Coastr, we are committed to creating a customer-centric car rental experience that provides true convenience for all car rental customers. Our goal is to deliver a transparent and cost-effective mobility solution through constant innovation.

Retain your brand recognition
and accept bookings from anywhere

Why choose Coastr?

Dynamic Pricing -Car rental & fleet Management at Coastr

Dynamic Pricing

Attract customers using our white label booking solution and keyless entry option.

On-demand insurance -Coastr

On-demand insurance

Take advantage of easy digitisation of all your operations.

Transparent operations -Coastr

Transparent operations

Get preferential rates from our partners and enjoy efficient service management.

Contactless car rental software  Coastr


Use our booking and fleet management systems that work seamlessly with each other.

Improved customer experience - Coastr

Improved customer experience 

Keep your fleet safe with our remote immobilisation and vehicle tracking features.

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