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Car Hire: How to make your business more sustainable using software

In November this year, the UK, alongside co-hosts Italy, played host to one of the most important governmental meetings in recent history - COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference. This meeting has, to a large degree, enshrined an immutable global commitment to stop human-caused runaway climate change. Many saw it as the last chance of being able to do the same as a connected world.

Despite individual and group pledges over the last 30 years, from the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris agreement, COP26 was the true, pinnacle moment for the global green movement. And while governments, charities and environmental advocates have been shouting about the importance of reducing emissions for decades now, the evidence for everyone is now clear.

We all have to take responsibility for effecting positive behavioural change in regards to unsustainable business practice.

Coastr was founded keeping these principles in mind from day 1.

Part of our responsibility lies in education - teaching our customers that our platform has been designed with sustainability in mind, that our funding has been drawn from the UK Government’s Sustainable Innovation Fund, and that we are personally taking responsibility for our rental customers’ ability to reduce their impact on the environment.

Our future depends on green-minded innovation. Our small slice of vehicle rental tech has brought together what we feel are the most effective and most efficient tools on the market to help vehicle rental operators look to the future with confidence: that they can feel empowered to know platforms like Coastr are advocating for a more sustainable industry.

What commitments is the UK making to ensure sustainable transport in the future?

The following points are drawn from the UK Government’s Decarbonising Transport paper, written this year. As we are a company designed to be used by operators of rental cars and vehicles, these points create a reference framework for us:

  • From 2030, no new diesel or petrol cars will be sold

  • All new cars to be fully emissions free by 2035

  • Plan to halt the sale of non-sustainable HGV vehicles by 2045

  • 2040 is also the planned date for the eventual phase out of all non-zero emission cars

Other salient points to consider are: zero emissions cities; air pollution index tightening; low traffic neighbourhoods; financial incentives for zero-emissions freight movement, and more.

This is the overarching context Coastr is operating in, and we want to support our customers and, by association, the people renting from you, in being more sustainable.

So how is Coastr's software helping rental operators offer a more sustainable, environmentally equitable service?

  1. We have committed to a net zero-emissions target as a company by 2050 across our entire estate

  2. Our entire rental solution hinges on the digital ecosystem. We are already a paperless platform, and will be encouraging all of our customers to stay paperless

  3. Our innovative telematics, immobilisation and keyless entry system means we’re already reducing unnecessary travel times to and from vehicles or operators, reducing road use between customer and rental operation through our digital portal. A digital system also means your cars and vehicles run more efficiently, use less petrol, and are only scheduled for maintenance and fixing when required

  4. We are a sustainable mobility solution - the idea behind Coastr is to make your operations more efficient, more mobile, more transparent, all of which reduces your company network’s emission footprint

  5. We want to utilise greener cars, encouraging rental operators to shift fleet purchasing and onboarding to electric or hybrid cars, and using our marketing channels to inform our customers and the wider public about the efficacy of going green when renting vehicles.

We will continue to advocate for a green future. We also know, as the government’s paper states, that the use of cars and vehicles can continue to be growth-oriented, capable of connecting towns, cities and people.

Within the rental sector, we’re doing our part to ensure we can all do it sustainably.

Want to transform your business into a sustainable one? Contact us to see how we can help you go green through digitisation.


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