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Automated Fleet Onboarding

Easy data migration with automatic fleet onboarding that uploads all vehicle details via our pre-existing vehicle DVLA database, saving time and increasing operational efficiency. 

Automated Fleet Onborading - Coastr Fleet operations Management software
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Automated Fleet Onbording software system -coastr
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Simplify your operations with New-Age Digitisation
Save Time. Save Money.

Coastr - Car Rental software with DVLA lookup features

Save time and avoid manual errors with our pre-existing vehicle database

Our digital car rental software is fully integrated with third-party data aggregators across the world that maintain legitimate vehicle details and identification numbers for you to access so that your fleet on-boarding process becomes smooth and seamless.
These details are uploaded to your Coastr dashboard quickly and accurately to save your time and hassle. 

In the United Kingdom, we have additionally tied up with government organisations such as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), thereby, giving you access to the Ministry of Transport expiry dates, vehicle specifications and carbon outputs.

Experience greater control over fleet inventory

Why choose Coastr ?

Maximise fleet ROI

Maximise fleet ROI

Onboard with Coastr and reap the benefits of getting accurate, up-to-date information of your rental vehicles and theirincluded features to get the best value. In addition, keep track of your vehicle’s market valuation and financing to make the most out of your assets. 

Reduce personnel time on enlisting vehicles

Reduce personnel time on enlisting vehicles

Coastr gives you access to a highly extensive vehicle-specification database that can be used to enlist your new fleet with minimal effort, leading to reduced personnel time.

Reduce costs and avoid human errors

Reduce costs and avoid human errors

With our database of vehicle specifications, you can retrieve details automatically and efficiently. This will help you avoid manual input errors by increasing data-entry accuracy.

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