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Fleet Management Software

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Rental Business' Productivity

The Only All-in-One Fleet & Rental Management System in the Market

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Remote Immobilisation and Vehicle Tracking System

Telematics technology for
a real-time view of your fleet

Coastr connects the systems and services inside and outside vehicles, transforming them into intelligent mobility solutions, making mobility safer, more efficient, and more convenient. 

  • Increase fleet safety by real-time tracking of vehicle location.

  • Operational efficiency by tracking real time fleet issues - monitoring breakdowns and accidents.

  • Fuel usage monitoring to reduce cost.

  • Measuring carbon footprint.

  • Monitor driving behaviour to prevent misuse.

  • Fleet Safety to prevent theft and misuse by immobilisation.

  • Enable quick recovery of fleet.

Vehicle tracking software - Coastr
Automated Fleet Scheduling Software - Coastr Car rental business software

Automated Fleet Scheduling 

Digitise booking and fleet scheduling
Maximise your revenue

Fast and intelligent fleet scheduling

  • Schedule vehicles automatically based on date

  • Review historical trip logs and real-time data to plan better schedules

Automate bookings

  • Enable a new booking in just 5 steps

  • Easily navigate through bookings, edit or re-assign your fleet 

Automated Fleet Onboarding

Experience greater control over fleet inventory

Automated fleet data

  • Get accurate, up-to-date information of your rental vehicles.

  • Get legitimate vehicle details and identification numbers via our fully integrated third-party data aggregators.

Access to authentic vehicle database

  • Gain access to a highly extensive vehicle-specification database.

  • Gain access to the MOT expiry dates, vehicle specifications and carbon outputs..

Easy fleet data retreival 

  • Retrieve your fleet details automatically with our database of vehicle specifications.

  • keep track of your vehicle’s market valuation and financing.

Automated Fleet Onboarding Software - Coastr
Real time fleet maintenance - Coastr Fleet manager app

Fleet Maintenance Management software

Single-view fleet dashboard to stay on top of fleet maintenance needs in real-time

Fleet maintenance can be expensive for car rental operators, especially if not done on time.

With Coastr you can:

  • Set reminders for repairs and service scheduling.

  • Receive notifications and alerts when overdue.

  • Get instant notifications in case of vehicle breakdowns or accidents.

  • Predictive maintenance capability, enabled with Artificial Intelligence (coming soon).

  •  provides you with early notifications and warnings to ensure that your fleet is repaired and serviced on time and always remains roadworthy.

Advanced Insights & Reporting

Improve profitability with
data-driven decision making

  • Proactive maintenance of fleet using fleet suage data and health reports.

  • Oversight and Reduce Risk on fleet through tracking reports and DTC alerts.

  • Streamline your insurance claims and disputes using crash reports.

  • Better understand your fleet utilisation through utilisation reports.

  • Understand and forecast demand using forecast reports.

  • Understand your vehicle profitability.

Coastr - Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Car rental Business software

Marketplace of Partnerships

Coastr is committed to helping vehicle rental companies through our top-level collaborations and partnerships. We have formed alliances with leading solution and technology companies to provide rental businesses with innovative solutions to help resolve their complex problems. 

Car Park

Happy customers across different rental types including vacation, retail, commercial, dealerships and more 

5 Stars Rating & Reviews

Your peers think Coastr has helped them big time!

Coastr - 5 Star Rating on Capterra
Coastr - 5 Star Rating on Google
Coastr - 5 Star Rating on Get app
Coastr - 5 Star Rating on Software Advice
Herd Hire Group

"The product is easy to implement into my day to day business. 

Going from several of my previous day-to-day software such as billing, vehicle tracking and inventory to just a single all-in-one software reduces my cost and helps me run the business better".

Carol Baldwin,
National Franchise Manager,
Herd Hire, UK

Retail Rental

Stay in control and track your fleet 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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