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Fleet Management Software

UK's leading cloud-based Fleet Management System to seamlessly manage bookings, fleet maintenance, accounting, payments and more - All in one place!

Car rental software - Coastr
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Customer Success Stories

#1 Car Rental Fleet Maintenance Management Software

London's PCO company could recover cars worth over £75,000 

Vehicle remote immobilization - Coastr

Remote vehicle Immobilisation

helped recover vehicles in hours

Sunshine automobiles Case study
24*7 Vehicle Tracking - Coastr

24*7 Vehicle Tracking System

assured full control over the stolen vehicle's movements

PCO Rental Company, London, United Kingdom



Increased a Car Rental Company's Revenue by 55%+

Offering a paperless, contactless and keyless rental experience - Coastr

Up to 5 min
Saved per driving licence verification

20230120_102452 (1).jpg
35.9%  increase in van rental sales within 10 months - Coastr Hiremorecar case study

Significant cost saved
by automating rental processes and eliminating man power

Jeremy Feeney,

United Kingdom


Prevent, Monitor, and Recover 
full-proof fleet safety with our 3-fold approach

Automated DVLA lookup - Coastr Car rental software


Control who hires your vehicle 

Automated Driver and Vehicle License Check (available only in the UK)

  • Verify MoT and driver's licence without leaving the platform

  • Save up to 10 minutes per licence verification

  • Unlimited checks at NO additional cost 

Digital Signatures and Biometric Verification

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) facility for End Customers 

  • Encrypted signatures and documentation


Keep an eye on its whereabouts

Telematics fleet management system for real-time Control

  • 24*7 real-time vehicle tracking software

  • Access driver behavior metrics - vehicle speed, harsh braking or acceleration, idle time and more

  • Receive vehicle health data - engine trouble codes, sensor alerts, etc

Secure Keyless Entry

  • Lock / Unlock vehicles with a digital car key through your own branded mobile app 

  • Offer self-service pickup and drop off at any convenient location

  • Reduce customer waiting time and provide vehicles on rent 24/7

Monitor rental vehicle real time - Coastr
remote immobilisation - Coastr vehicle rental software


In the event of theft or misuse

Remotely Immobilise an asset with just a click

  • Shut down the vehicle engine from anywhere 

  • Use its location to recover the vehicle easily 

  • Increase fleet security levels and reduce insurance premium


Connect, Control, and Configure
leads to 20% increase in fleet utilisation


Fleet Scheduling software -Coastr vehicle Rental system

Real time availability to improve utilisation and revenue

Automated Fleet Scheduling

Fast and intelligent fleet scheduling

  • Enable a new booking in just 5 steps

  • Digitise booking and fleet scheduling based on customer preferences, impending maintenance and vehicle availability

Assured data privacy

  • Protect your sensitive data like customer details with AWS cloud

  • GDPR compliant to establish a security-conscious workflow


Auto alerts for vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management System

  • A Single-view fleet dashboard that presents fleet maintenance needs in real-time

  • Automated service and repair schedules for timely vehicle maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Management - Coastr
Fleet Management advanced Insights & Reporting - Coastr


Data-driven reports on your customers, fleet and business operations

Advanced Insights & Reporting

  • Easy-to-use data-driven reports on customers, fleet and business operations

  • Range of advanced reports:

- Vehicle performance and damage report

- Monthly revenue overview

- Booking cancellations/ Lost sales report

- Fleet expenditure report

- Insurance report

- Among others


Saving Time & Effort 

Up to  1 to 2 hours saved in daily Rental Management

Automated Fleet Onboarding

  • Easy data migration that uploads all details via our pre-existing driver and vehicle licensing lookup database

  • Reduce human errors with our comprehensive vehicle-specification database

  • Frog diagrams of the fleet to understand profitability and manage compliance

Automated fleet onboarding software - Coastr
Fleet Management App - Coastr Car Rental software

Fleet Management App

  • Simplify complex day-to-day tasks with a single app that gives a 360° view of your fleet

  • Track vehicles in real-time and access data such as fuel usage, miles driven and engine hours

Your Vehicle Rental Software Ecosystem

Upto 50% reduce manpower cost by automating rental processes

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