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Our booking website + app lets you provide your rental customers with an easy booking process and a fully contactless car rental experience.
Contactless car experience

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Easy online booking

Instant vehicle assignment and inventory updation

Go Contactless with Keyless entry app

Selfie video verification


7 out of 10

consumers express a lack of trust and dissatisfaction while renting cars

Acquire new customers with the promise of convenience, transparency and value-for-money through a fully digital and contactless rental experience via our upcoming user-friendly, mobile car rental app.

Serve every customer with one powerful app
Better value and service for all
Car rental for business traveller

The Business Traveller

Car rental for holiday seeker

The Holiday Seeker

Car rental for grocery shopper

The Grocery Shopper

 At Coastr, we are committed to creating a customer-centric car rental experience that provides true convenience for all car rental customers. Our goal is to deliver a transparent and cost-effective mobility solution through constant innovation.

Coastr mobile app
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Dynamic Pricing

Clear pricing and personalised search powered by AI

No paperwork or queueing – digital selfie-video verification on app

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On-demand Insurance

Insurance at discounted price

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Transparent Operations

Pre-arrival car check-in to select car and view damage history

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Take a selfie and unlock the car via the app

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Improved Customer Experience

24/7 Chatbot and Customer Service Assistant


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