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Coastr: Making way for a greener future for car rentals

We live in difficult times. For quite some time, climate change has been our reality. The way ahead, we therefore feel, lies in acknowledging and addressing this acute problem.

At present, our planet is a ticking time-bomb and we at Coastr believe that doing more good (than less harm) could significantly contribute to a greener, more sustainable environment. As a new-age company creating future-ready solutions, incorporating sustainable measures within our modern mobility solution is essential.

Coastr's three-point rule to help Sustainability:

Encourage: We encourage the advent of a paperless future through a completely digital ecosystem. Our SaaS platform combines telematics with AI to keep track of customer data, vehicle details, details about the operator, insurance needs and so much more – entirely on a digital screen. We prioritise utilising and developing smart technology to specifically cut down on paper consumption and reduce our customers’ carbon footprint by 25%.

Lead: Coastr is here to lead the way in car rental focussed innovation. We are committed to using more green, eco-friendly vehicles on our platform and advise our partners to commit to the same. Since we intend to advance the cause of sustainability, our efforts in the future will try and help people switch to electric cars by utilising our automobile and financial services partnerships.

Partner: At Coastr, we believe that change is a product of collaboration. We are, therefore, engaged in establishing partnerships with companies that promote long-term, enduring green technology and can assist our objective of increasing vehicle utilisation and lowering emissions by 25%.

Coast's three-point rule to help sustainability

Coastr is also here to multiply the network of conscious and responsible car rental businesses. We are constantly trying to shoulder economic growth through sustainable measures for other small and medium enterprises in the car rental scene. For us, participating in the challenging and imperative journey to a greener future is a mindful choice that needs to take a front seat in this industry.

Want to transform your business into a sustainable one? Contact us to see how we can help you go green through digitisation.


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