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Partnerships and Integrations

Coastr is committed to helping vehicle rental companies through our top-level collaborations and partnerships. We have formed alliances with leading solution and technology companies to provide rental businesses with innovative solutions to help resolve their complex problems. 

Partnerships and Integrations-Coastr

Our Partners Exhibit


A combined presence in over 240+ countries

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Collective experience of more than 40 years

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Over 10M+ satisfied customers worldwide

Coastr Partner Network

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Amazon Web Service - Cloud Technology Partner

Cloud-computing technology to help you reduce costs, scale with ease and stay updated.

The seamless and secure integration of AWS and Coastr creates a digital and paperless platform for fleet management. Secure your business, adopt paperless processes and enjoy increased profitability by leveraging the two powerful platforms together.


2hire - Telematics Partner

Leading connected mobility solution to help you offer a fully digital experience to your users

2hire is a leading technology company in intelligent and connected mobility solutions. Coastr's connected full-stack mobility platform along with 2hire’s groundbreaking telematics technology will help you switch to a self-service model that will enable you to manage your fleet remotely, thereby, saving time and operational costs while providing your customers with a premium rental experience.


Smartcar - IoT Partner

Technology partner to empower your booking app and help provide an improved end-customer experience.

Coastr has partnered with Smartcar, a leading API platform for connected car data, to offer keyless entry solution, enabling vehicle rental companies to provide a truly digital and fully contactless car rental experience. To that end, Coastr integrates with Smartcar to connect to a car instantly and effortlessly in 4 simple steps without any additional software installation. Once connected, vehicle rental businesses can track fleets, remotely lock or unlock vehicles, view odometer readings, fuel tank levels,
.EV battery & charging status and much more
Stripe (1) (2).png

Stripe - Payment Gateway Integration

Global payment provider to help you manage cash flows in a more efficient and safe manner

Coastr uses Stripe’s payment infrastructure to ensure safe and flexible payments for its partners and customers. This helps you easily manage and process a wide range of payments, refunds and process pre-authorised payments. Our integration with Stripe ensures complete security by creation of secure digital records, which reduce fraud and the risk of sensitive information being leaked.

Sage logo

Sage, Accounting Integration

Integrated accounting solution to help you manage and plan your finances more effectively

Coastr is working with Sage, a market leader in integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems, to create a secure and flexible platform. This will help monitor your business timely and efficiently. Sage integrates seamlessly with Coastr, creating a strong all-in-one platform for not only fleet management but also enables effective payment management, financial planning and real-time tracking of financials.
CalAmp (1).png

Calamp - IoT Partner

Global telematics partner to help you create digital ecosystems and increase fleet utilisation

CalAmp's telematics software along with Coastr's versatile platform helps create a digital and connected ecosystem for vehicle rental operators. Working with CalAmp, Coastr aims to help rental companies expand their businesses via data-driven decisions and automation, which ultimately leads to improved efficiency and security, reduced costs and increased fleet utilisation.  

Hear it from a seasoned technologist!

Rishabh - Coastr CEO
"At Coastr, we are creating an entire digital ecosystem which revolves around transforming the operations of vehicle rental businesses through complete digitization. With our future-ready mobility software, our aim is to partner with more and more operators to compete with market leaders. We have been strategically working  together with our partners to understand their real-world business problems and add features that address them."


Rishabh Makrand
Chief Operations Officer, Coastr

Why Partner with Coastr?

We believe that the collaboration we form can foster revolutionary ideas that go on to change the world – and it seems so much easier than when we’re all on our own. 

Our Values

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We catalyse scientific progress by taking the advanced technologies we’re working on, scaling them, and deploying them with our partners across industries



We own our side of each partnership, being accountable for our performance



We aim to be a trusted partner, operating in full transparency, never compromising long-term value for short-term results

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We identify everybody’s priorities and agendas upfront to find a common denominator that will help result in a successful collaboration

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