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Coastr partners with 9trees to plant seeds for a sustainable future

The landscape of shared mobility is undergoing a transformative shift, but for a truly sustainable future, it requires a driving force: ESG principles. Are ESG practices merely trendy buzzwords, or do they hold the key to unlocking genuine sustainability in transportation? Let's delve into how these principles can instigate positive change, attract investors and customers, and ensure a responsible ride for all. This isn't just about shared mobility; it's a pivotal moment where today's decisions reverberate for generations. 

Sustainability, climate action, and ecosystem restoration are not mere buzzwords; they demand urgent action. Coastr is proud to announce its partnership with 9Trees, a non-profit dedicated to championing these essential efforts through ecosystem restoration and biodiversity promotion. This collaboration transcends words; it's a joint commitment to building a sustainable future for transportation and our planet. Join us as we combine innovation with impact, paving the way for a greener future, one ride at a time!

Why ESG Matters for Shared Mobility Companies -

By embracing environmental, social and governance principles, shared mobility companies can -

Attract investors and customers - With consumers increasingly favouring sustainable options, and investors prioritising ESG practices, embracing these principles becomes a strategic advantage.

Gain a competitive edge - Companies differentiating themselves by showcasing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility stand out in a crowded market.

Build trust and transparency - Demonstrating ethical and responsible business practices fosters trust among stakeholders, essential for sustained success.

Secure long-term success -  Contributing to a more sustainable future ensures not only the company's viability but also a positive impact on the broader community.

About 9Trees -

Founded in 2019, 9Trees is a non-profit organisation dedicated to addressing climate change through the restoration of woodland habitats, biodiversity promotion, and connecting people to nature. Through tree-planting initiatives, carbon footprint balancing, and a commitment to environmental conservation, 9Trees aligns perfectly with our collective responsibility to create a sustainable future.

Tackling Climate Change Through Restoration of Woodland Habitat -

9Trees focuses on gradual change, emphasising the accessibility and effectiveness of tree planting at the local level. Founder Michael, with a background in conservation and tree planting, sees tree planting not just as an environmental initiative but also as a means to create jobs and foster community involvement. Conducting environmental impact assessments and ecological studies sets 9Trees apart, ensuring a positive impact on local biodiversity.

Partnership with Companies and ESG Goals -

Companies partnering with 9Trees benefit in various ways, particularly in achieving their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. 9Trees' "carbon balancing" approach goes beyond traditional offsetting, allowing companies to calculate their carbon footprint and understand tangible impacts on carbon sequestration. As a community interest company, 9Trees reinvests all funds back into communities, supporting job creation and environmental initiatives.

if you are interested in collaborating with 9Tree for a sustainable future, scan this QR code

Coastr partners with 9Trees to Plant Seeds for a Sustainable Future

Coastr Partnership with 9Trees -

At Coastr, our passion for revolutionising shared mobility extends beyond convenience and accessibility to environmental responsibility. Our partnership with 9Trees is a testament to this commitment. Through reduced carbon footprints, enhanced biodiversity, and connecting people to nature, this collaboration goes beyond planting trees; it's about planting seeds for a greener future. Together, we're making a positive impact, inspiring action, and paving the way for a more sustainable transportation landscape.

Coastr Certificate - 9tree

Conclusion -

In conclusion, our partnership with 9Trees signifies a dedication to sustainable shared mobility. ESG principles are not mere trends; they represent the key to lasting impact. Together, we're not just planting trees; we're sowing seeds for a greener, more sustainable future in transportation. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate, inspire, and contribute to a better tomorrow.

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