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How to run your car rental business during Covid-19

We at Coastr, understand your worries about the safety of your loved ones and your concerns about the operations of your company. In these uncertain times, there are difficult decisions that you may need to take as an owner or manager of a car rental business. 

We have been talking to a lot of business owners and car rental operators like you as well as experts from across the travel industry. We thought it may be useful to share with you some of the learning and trends that we’ve observed.

  1. How businesses are planning their short-term business strategy

    • Businesses are being extremely prudent about costs

      • Keeping operational and people costs down to a bare minimum to prepare for a minimum 4-6 months slow period with significantly reduced demand

      • Holding off on new vehicle purchases, reducing staff costs by digitising operations, reducing premises costs where possible by working out of cheaper or remote locations

      • Looking for better deals for fleet insurance, financing and payment providers deals in the market

      • Getting access to government support for small businesses where possible to sustain working capital

      • Disposing assets gradually, to reduce future impact, in case if the demand grows, as it may be difficult to acquire at the same pace

  • Slowing down on outbound marketing

    • Businesses are putting aggressive marketing campaigns on hold until the lockdown finishes and demand picks up

    • Focussing on content marketing, create useful content and guides for customers offering unique insights

    • Maintaining active presence on social media for new customer acquisition and retention of existing customers

    • Most importantly, businesses are looking for new opportunities and focussing on identifying new customer segments or increasing presence in new locations 

  • Preparing for the future and investing in partnerships

    • Developing a ramp up/ramp down strategy for the fleet and finding reliable leasing/financing/insurance partners to create flexibility in ramp up or ramp down situations

    • Businesses are forming new partnerships for generating new income streams and increasing customer acquisition through new distribution channels which requires flexibility in their rental contracts and supply chain. They are also investing in digitisation of the business – it’s now more than ever that businesses are realising how digitisation can reduce the impact of disruption to their everyday activities. Whether it is a digital car rental platform like Coastr or a communication tool like Google hangout, technology can significantly cut operational costs, enable flexible working and increase productivity. More importantly, businesses are looking for technology partners who can advise them on their end to end digitisation strategy

2. Accessing support for your business

Governments across the world are announcing relief packages for companies to ensure business continuity and the well being of employees. We have listed some of these relief schemes below:

  • In the UK – The Chancellor has set out a package of temporary, timely and targeted measures to support public services, people and businesses through this period of disruption caused by COVID-19. From support to businesses through the Coronavirus Job retention scheme, to businesses who will be paying sick employees to support deferring VAT and Income tax payments, learn about the eligibility criteria here. You can clear any other doubts with the UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy at their business support helpline: 0300 456 3565

  • In the US – The US government has announced several relief schemes to help small businesses. These measures will not only help business owners but also employees alike

  • In Europe – The helpful people at the media agency have collated an exhaustive article on how small and medium-sized businesses in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Ireland etc., can benefit from government schemes. The article addresses concerns essentially about running out of cash, not being able to pay off debt and what to do with staff left idle.

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