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How to increase corporate sales for your vehicle rental business

In the fast-evolving landscape of Business-to-Business (B2B) sales within the vehicle rental sector, encompassing car rental companies, commercial vehicle renters, corporate car-sharing services companies, fleet management companies, car dealerships, and car sharing and leasing companies, this blog serves as a roadmap for your Sales and Business Development (BDM) team. It provides actionable strategies to streamline your lead generation and conversion processes, ensuring faster client conversions.

Increase btob sales for shared mobility business

Key Takeaways from this blog

1. Industry-Specific Insights: Dive into strategies tailored to the intricacies of the car rental business, addressing pain points commonly faced by businesses in this sector.

2. Masterclass Expertise: Benefit from the collective knowledge of shared mobility industry experts, Mark Bownas and Ali Shabbir, as they share 49+ years of combined experience in a CoastrAsks masterclass.

3. Data-Driven Approaches: Embrace digital transformations and data analytics to gain valuable insights, refining your lead generation strategy for optimal results in both B2B and B2C environments.

Addressing Common Challenges

Lead Quality Concerns - Tackle the inconsistency in lead quality with a nuanced lead generation approach designed to align with the specific demands of car and van rental businesses.

1. Navigating Complexity: Understand and navigate the complexities of B2B selling, especially crucial in a sector involving diverse stakeholders such as corporate car-sharing services companies and fleet management companies.

2. Enhancing Communication: Overcome communication challenges between marketing and sales teams through streamlined processes, fostering effective collaboration.

This is a guide which empowers your team to strategically select opportunities, accelerate sales velocity, and maintain momentum in the ever-demanding car and van hire market. It's a substantive resource designed to propel your Sales and BDM team toward efficient client conversions in the competitive landscape of car rental companies, commercial vehicle renters, corporate car-sharing services companies, fleet management companies, and car dealership.

Pain Points in the Current Lead Generation Process

In the current lead generation landscape, businesses often grapple with challenges such as inconsistent lead quality, difficulty in identifying and reaching the right decision-makers, and a lack of streamlined communication between marketing and sales teams. Additionally, the overwhelming volume of data available can lead to information overload, making it challenging to extract actionable insights. These pain points underscore the need for a refined lead generation strategy that aligns with the unique intricacies of B2B and B2C environments.

Here is the video of our exclusive Coastr Asks masterclass on mastering the B2B sales process featuring industry experts Mark Bownas (32+ years experience) and Coastr, BD Manager - Ali Shabbir (17 years+ experience), sharing their wealth of knowledge to help you succeed. Watch now and uncover proven strategies for unlocking exponential growth for your shared mobility business.

Key Differences Between B2B and B2C Selling

When it comes to selling business-to-consumer (B2C), we typically deal with a small number of individuals who make the buying decision. In contrast, business-to-business (B2B) selling involves more people in the buying decision, making it a more complex process. Research shows that the more people are involved in the buying decision, the longer it takes to reach a conclusion and the greater the chance of the sale not happening. To maximise success in the B2B space, it is crucial to have a clear strategy for each sales opportunity.

Lead Qualification and Scoring

Lead qualification and scoring are essential in predicting B2B sales success. By identifying the winnable opportunities early on, we can increase our chances of success and focus our resources on the most promising prospects. One effective tool for lead qualification is the Milman methodology scorecard, which assigns scores to various factors such as relationships, budget, and value proposition. By regularly assessing and updating the scorecard, we can track progress and make informed decisions during the sales process.

Factors Influencing Sales Velocity

Sales velocity, or the time it takes to close a deal, can be increased by pursuing winnable opportunities and qualifying out unwinnable ones. We can improve our sales velocity by focusing on opportunities with clear needs, a budget in line with the cost of our offering, and strong relationships with key decision-makers. It is important to note that there are other keys to increasing sales velocity than rushing the buying decision. Instead, we should focus on providing value and building relationships with the right prospects.

Qualifying Leads and Red Flags

Qualifying leads involves assessing whether the potential customer has a clear need for our product or service, a budget aligned with the cost, and a willingness to accept change. Red flags include uncertainty about deadlines, lack of a clear agenda, and communication issues with key decision-makers. By identifying these red flags early on, we can determine whether to proceed with a lead or focus our efforts elsewhere.

Choosing the Right Opportunities

Choosing the right opportunities involves assessing the winnability of each prospect. Factors to consider include the prospect's need for our offering, their timeline for implementation, and their willingness to adopt new processes. It is important to align our offering with the prospect's business objectives and ensure a mutual understanding of the value we can provide. By selecting the right opportunities, we can maximize our chances of success and avoid wasting resources on unproductive leads.

Maintaining Momentum in the Sales Process

Maintaining momentum in the sales process requires a clear strategy and effective communication. Knowing the decision date and having access to key decision-makers are crucial in keeping the process moving forward. Regular meetings and updates can help maintain engagement and ensure progress. By being prepared and organized before each meeting, we can make a lasting impression and gather the necessary information to increase our chances of success.

Mark Bownas - Coastr

"Keep the sales flame burning by staying in regular contact, providing timely updates, and offering additional demonstrations. Consistent communication is vital for maintaining momentum and securing successful deals throughout the sales cycle."

Mark Bownas.

Factors for B2B Sales Success

The most important factors for B2B sales success include understanding the individuals involved in the buying process, ensuring a clear need for our offering, and demonstrating the value we can provide. Building strong relationships with key decision-makers and addressing their specific motivations and concerns is essential. By aligning our offering with the prospect's business objectives and showing how our solution can save money or improve their business, we can increase our chances of success.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Customer satisfaction and retention are crucial for long-term success in the car rental industry which also includes commercial vehicle renters, corporate car-sharing services companies, fleet management companies, car dealerships, car subscription and leasing companies. Building a strong relationship with the customer and delivering on promises can help ensure satisfaction. Ongoing communication, feedback, and support are essential to maintaining a positive customer experience. Setting clear expectations, providing excellent customer service, and addressing any issues promptly can help retain customers and foster positive relationships.


The B2B sales process is complex and requires a clear strategy, deep understanding of customer needs, and effective communication. By following a structured approach, qualifying leads, and focusing on winnable opportunities, businesses can unlock exponential growth in the Fleet rental business. Remember, success in B2B sales is about building relationships, providing value, and aligning your offering with the prospect's objectives. With these strategies in place, you can navigate the B2B sales journey with confidence and achieve long-term success.

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