Coastr for Partners App

Manage vehicle operations
remotely and easily

One app to manage daily operations

The Coastr car rental software comes with a Coastr for Partners app for your staff to manage your business on the go. The app can be accessed by your fleet managers and drivers to manage vehicle pick-up and returns at your branch and on the go. We also have an option for you to maintain photographic damage history before and after rentals, accept digital signatures from customers to avoid disputes and support mobile payments.

Simplify complex day-to-day tasks

Maintain pick-up and drop-off records with a click

Your fleet managers and drivers can manage vehicle check-in and check-out activities at the touch of a button on our easy-to-use Coastr for Partners app. The high-end app speeds up daily management operations with the help of digital signatures and contracts and comprehensive vehicle checks to keep your business data secure. Now you can empower your staff to efficiently manage your company’s operations in real time and improve your customers' experience through increased transparency and convenience.

Record damage instantly

Damage reporting is an important part of a car rental company’s everyday 

operations. Recording damages accurately is essential to keep your fleet secure

and your insurance intact. With the Coastr for Partners app, your staff and drivers will be able to capture photos of any damage and dents and upload them to the app instantly. With such a repository of photographic damage history, you can rest easy and avoid lengthy disputes on accident claims and damages. Your customers will also benefit from greater transparency in the process.


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