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Increase fleet utilisation and decrease manual errors 

With Coastr, get access to the only Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled automated scheduling capability in the market that is seamlessly integrated with your bookings and fleet operations. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, our platform uses real-time data from telematics and market trends to automatically manage vehicle scheduling in response to inventory changes, demand or cancellations. This powerful feature significantly increases efficiency and utilisation leading to improved ROIs from your existing fleet.

Fleet Scheduling
Fleet Scheduler

We asked several car rental companies what their most time consuming day-to-day task was. The overwhelming response – manual booking and scheduling of vehicles. We are here to help you with this tiresome and labour-intensive task that often leads to inaccuracies and disruptions in schedules. Such mistakes can cost your business time, money and reputation by impacting the customer experience, as well as lead to revenue leakage due to under-utilisation of your fleet. Coastr’s automated SaaS software is the simple solution to your car rental booking and scheduling problems.

Easy to use and navigate

Make a new booking in just 5 steps

Our user-friendly software enables quick and easy bookings while our exhaustive dashboard lets you offer customised bookings with add-ons of your choice.

Modify on the go

You can easily navigate through bookings, edit or re-assign your fleet with the click of a button.

Paperless and Secure

Our platform uses Amazon's AWS cloud which is the best-in-the-market for security and reliability for storing sensitive information like digital signatures and customer details and has unlimited data storage for your rental agreements. Our software is GDPR compliant, always up-to-date and easily accessible.

Booking Dashboard
Coastr safe and secure data
Why choose Coastr?

Lower your personnel costs

Our platform aims to drastically cut personnel costs with fast data entry, easy-to-navigate customer database, automatic bookings and payments and automated scheduling and fleet operations. This enables you to reduce overheads or utilise your staff for other meaningful tasks.

Intelligent Vehicle Scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling

The automatic fleet scheduler considers several factors like customer preferences, impending maintenance and breakdown history and vehicle availability. It also takes into account demand, supply and cancellations driven by seasonality and customer history while making bookings.

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