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Fleet Management Software

UK's leading cloud-based car rental fleet management system to seamlessly manage bookings, fleet maintenance, accounting, payments and more - All in one place!

Fleet Management system - Coastr
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Prevent, Monitor, and Recover 
full-proof fleet safety with our 3-fold approach

Automated DVLA lookup - Coastr Car rental software


Control who hires your vehicle 

  • Verify MoT and driver's licence without leaving the platform

  • Save up to 10 minutes per licence verification

  • Unlimited checks at NO additional cost 

Digital Signatures and Biometric Verification

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) facility for End Customers 

  • Encrypted signatures and documentation


Keep an eye on its whereabouts

  • 24*7 real-time vehicle tracking software

  • Access driver behavior metrics - vehicle speed, harsh braking or acceleration, idle time and more

  • Receive vehicle health data - engine trouble codes, sensor alerts, etc

Secure Keyless Entry

  • Lock / Unlock vehicles with a digital car key through your own branded mobile app 

  • Offer self-service pickup and drop off at any convenient location

  • Reduce customer waiting time and provide vehicles on rent 24/7

Monitor rental vehicle real time - Coastr
remote immobilisation - Coastr vehicle rental software


In the event of theft or misuse

  • Shut down the vehicle engine from anywhere 

  • Use its location to recover the vehicle easily 

  • Increase fleet security levels and reduce insurance premium


Connect, Control, and Configure
leads to 20% increase in fleet utilisation


Fleet Scheduling software -Coastr vehicle Rental system

Real time availability to improve utilisation and revenue

Fast and intelligent fleet scheduling

  • Enable a new booking in just 5 steps

  • Digitise booking and fleet scheduling based on customer preferences, impending maintenance and vehicle availability

Assured data privacy

  • Protect your sensitive data like customer details with AWS cloud

  • GDPR compliant to establish a security-conscious workflow


Auto alerts for vehicle maintenance

  • A Single-view fleet dashboard that presents fleet maintenance needs in real-time

  • Automated service and repair schedules for timely vehicle maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Management - Coastr
Fleet Management advanced Insights & Reporting - Coastr


Data-driven reports on your customers, fleet and business operations

  • Easy-to-use data-driven reports on customers, fleet and business operations

  • Range of advanced reports:

- Vehicle performance and damage report

- Monthly revenue overview

- Booking cancellations/ Lost sales report

- Fleet expenditure report

- Insurance report

- Among others


Saving Time & Effort 

Up to  1 to 2 hours saved in daily Rental Management

  • Easy data migration that uploads all details via our pre-existing driver and vehicle licensing lookup database

  • Reduce human errors with our comprehensive vehicle-specification database

  • Frog diagrams of the fleet to understand profitability and manage compliance

Automated fleet onboarding software - Coastr
Fleet Management App - Coastr Car Rental software
  • Simplify complex day-to-day tasks with a single app that gives a 360° view of your fleet

  • Track vehicles in real-time and access data such as fuel usage, miles driven and engine hours

Remote Immobilization in Action
A Customer Success Story

London's PCO company could recover cars worth over £75,000 

Vehicle remote immobilization - Coastr

Remote vehicle Immobilisation

helped recover vehicles in hours

24*7 Vehicle Tracking - Coastr

24*7 Vehicle Tracking System

assured full control over the stolen vehicle's movements

Sunshine automobiles Case study

PCO Rental Company, London, United Kingdom

Make Business Safer

Level up your rental business with Coastr.
Explore today!

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