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Booking Management System

Booking management system for vehicle rentals - Coastr

Coastr’s cloud-based car rental software is equipped with new-age booking management features to automate bookings and save up to 3x time. 

Seamless | Superfast | End-to-End

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Digitised bookings for hassle-free operations.

Our new-age car rental management solution enables quick and easy bookings while our exhaustive dashboard lets you offer customised bookings with add-ons of your choice.

3x time 

saved per booking


easy booking process

10 minutes

saved per licence verification

2 hours 

saved every day

White label

branded rental website and app


Automated bookings for effortless growth.

Boost fleet utilisation by up to 20%.

Finish labour-intensive manual booking processes faster and easier. With automated bookings, achieve higher fleet utilisation, allowing you to spend less time on tasks and enjoy increased revenue.

Streamlined Booking Process

booking management software for car rental business
  • Fully automated, data-driven bookings

  • Enable a new booking in just 5 steps

  • Verify driver details for authenticity and licence infringements

  • Access vehicle expiry dates, specifications and carbon outputs from Ministry of Transport 

  • Avoid repeated checks on returning customers

  • Up to 10 minutes saved per licence verification

  • Unlimited checks at NO additional cost 

Flexible Rental Policies

  • Enable hourly/daily rentals

  • Booking extensions/early terminations/cancellations

Bookings based on Real-time Fleet Availability

  • Automated vehicle allocation based on residual fleet

  • Improve fleet revenue

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Get more done in less time.

Save up to 2 hours every day.

Get more operations done, faster than ever before with Coastr’s vehicle rental system. From rapid yet accurate customer verification processes that help you avoid errant drivers to a wide range of convenient digital payment options your customers prefer, drive your business forward with faster, new-age practices and keep pace with the future.

DVLA lookup - Car rental software

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Integrated Customer KYC Partner

Enhanced CX and KYC

  • Superfast know your customer (KYC) facility for customers 

  • Verify customer records without leaving Coastr's platform

  • Perform unlimited checks at no additional cost

Biometric Customer Verification with Credas

  • Verify 4000+ types of identity documents against existing
    PEPs/sanctions to avoid fraud

  • Evaluate renters with next-gen facial recognition 

  • Real-time ID checks to manage customer onboarding and monitoring 

  • Save time against manual ID checks or paperwork processes

Flexible Digital Payments Methods

  • A range of card payment options

  • Accept payments weekly/monthly/quarterly

  • Reputed payment partners

  • World-class security 

  • Specially discounted rates, exclusively for you


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"It used to take 50 minutes to check out a customer. Now it's probably not even 5 minutes."

campbeltown motor company

Graeme McMurch
Campbeltown Motor Company, UK

car rental booking management system - Coastr


Power ahead with an all-in-one digital solution. 

Watch your business grow with an award-winning car rental system with end-to-end solutions such as fully digital licence checks and detailed reports at your fingertips. With Coastr’s white-label customer portal, you can easily use your brand to attract new online customers by offering a paperless, transparent and convenient rental experience.

In-depth Digital Reports

 paperless solutions for vehicle rental business - Coastr
  • Enhanced record keeping

  • Quote creation and updation

  • Customised digital rental agreements

  • Automatic invoice generation, notifications and emails

  • Digital booking confirmation/extension/cancellation reports

  • Automated damage reports

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • White-label booking website for easy online bookings

  • White-label keyless entry app for contactless bookings

    • Instant vehicle assignment and inventory updation

    • Selfie video verifications

    • Self pick-ups/drop-offs

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Digitise your bookings with Coastr and boost fleet utilisation.

The only all-in-one shared mobility software
for every rental operator.

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