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Car rental software Super Mobilities  - Coastr

Operations Management Software

Faster | Easier Paperless

Managing several operations at the same time gets effortless with the UK’s leading cloud-based car rental software.
Developed in collaboration with operators like you, Coastr ensures operations are executed smarter, faster and more effectively. So that you can focus on key business priorities.

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Operation management system for car rental business - Coastr

Optimise every operation.

Automate daily tasks like customer inquiries and pickup scheduling with Coastr's intelligent operational management system. Coastr’s award-winning SaaS platform comes with 250+ new-age operational management features, designed to supercharge all types of shared mobility businesses.


new-age features


pricing rules


view of your fleet


reports and insights


paperless operations


Do more in less time.

Get bookings done 3x faster.


Booking management system for vehicle rentals - Coastr

予約とフリート運用の管理が簡単になりました。すべてのレンタル タイプと車両に適用されます。

Fleet Management system - Coastr


予約とフリート運用の管理が簡単になりました。すべてのレンタル タイプと車両に適用されます。


Hassle-free operations. Worry-free growth.

Customer Management system for vehicle rentals - Coastr


予約とフリート運用の管理が簡単になりました。すべてのレンタル タイプと車両に適用されます。

Vehicle rental revenue management system - Coastr


予約とフリート運用の管理が簡単になりました。すべてのレンタル タイプと車両に適用されます。

  • Secure Digital Payments enabled by Stripe 

  • Automatic Invoice Generation

  • Accept Cash + Card Payments

  • Sage Integration for Accounting


Care for your business, and the planet.

Save up to £5000 in paper costs every year.

"I feel Coastr have identified pitfalls from competitors software to offer a slick system that is always evolving in new technology."

All Season Rental, UK

Redwanul Uddin
All Season Rental, UK

rental vehicle operation management system


Care for your business and the planet.

Save up to £5000 in paper costs every year.

car rental software with advanced reporting  -Coastr


予約とフリート運用の管理が簡単になりました。すべてのレンタル タイプと車両に適用されます。

  • Driver Behaviour History

  • Payment Reminders

  • Compliance Reminders

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Availability Status

  • Instant Damage Reports

  • Fleet Utilisation Reports

Bring your vehicle rental business into the new-age with Coastr.

The only all-in-one shared mobility software
for every rental operator.

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Vehicle Rentals & Dealerships

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