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Keyless Entry System

Future-ready | Secure |  Convenient

With keyless entry, elevate your customer experience with the convenience and comfort of a fully contactless car rental solution.

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Keyless entry system - Coastr car rental software

Hassle-free contactless rentals that puts you in control.

Coastr’s future-ready keyless entry solution offers your customers a convenient way to access vehicles. Instead of traditional keys, customers can simply use  dedicated smartphone apps combined with NFC, Bluetooth or biometric authentication to unlock and start their rental cars.


vehicle handovers

Secure & easy

to use


waiting times


vehicle lock/unlock via smartphone


customer satisfaction


0% contact. 100% control.

Connect, optimise and expand your rental business by offering contactless vehicle rentals and reaching out to customers searching for modern mobility solutions to suit their needs.

Contactless car rental software for vehicle rental business - Coastr

New-age convenience for modern renters

  • Enable fully contactless car rentals

  • Customers can lock/unlock vehicles easily via their smartphone


Fleet first. Safety first.

Our keyless entry feature comes with industry-standard encryptions used by industry leaders to prevent unauthorised vehicle use. Additionally, now that key loss or theft is no longer a concern, safeguarding your fleet is much easier.

Prevent unauthorised use of your vehicles

  • SSL/TLS secure encryption for foolproof vehicle security

  • Digital key reduces the risk of vehicle theft

Keyless entry - for car rental business -  Coastr car rental software

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Self-service pick-ups and drop offs for contactless vehicle handovers.

Eliminate long waiting times and enable contactless vehicle handovers to add a whole new world of convenience to your customers. 

Contactless Car Rental Technology for Vehicle rental business - Coastr

Easy Come. Easy Go.

  • Self-service pickup and drop-offs for enhanced efficiency
    Reduced waiting times

  • Avoid the hassle of losing keys and issuing expensive replacements

  • Rent cars out contactlessly at any time (at night or on national holidays)

Provide new-age convenience for new customers with Coastr.

The only all-in-one shared mobility software
for every rental operator.

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