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Customer Management Solution

Easy | Speedy | Convenient

Get a comprehensive view of your customer data in one place with Coastr’s new-age car rental software and make informed decisions before renting or leasing out your vehicles.

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Customer Management system for vehicle rentals - Coastr

Fully digitised customer management for maximum efficiency.

Always stay informed about your customers with Coastr’s suite of customer management tools for every kind of shared mobility operator that deliver detailed, up-to-date profiles exactly when you need them.


AWS cloud data storage


growth in efficiency

780+ hours

saved yearly with automated licence checks



500 sheets 

of paper saved monthly


Choose the digital way to store and manage customer data.

Save time and up to 500 sheets of paper every month.

Switch to effortless management of customer data with online cloud services for instant record creation, access and modification anytime, anywhere.  Coastr's GDPR-compliant data protection and AWS cloud storage also ensures protection of sensitive data like customer details with the highest security standards in the industry.

customer management system for car rental company - Coastr

 Powered by


Integrated Cloud Technology Partner

  • AWS cloud data storage

  • Digital booking history

  • Digital driver approvals (For business customers)

  • Digital authorisation of signatures (For business customers)


Manage your business at top speed.

Watch efficieny grow by 73%*

*FinancesOnline, 2022

With Coastr, you can also create profiles for individual and business customers to maintain strong customer relationships and boost business growth. Recognise and retaining loyal customers is also easier with booking and credit note histories on Coastr's superfast CRM.

CRM system for car rental business - Coastr

 Powered by

Hubspot CRM

Integrated CRM Partner

Faster Customer Profiling (Individual + Business)

  • Maintain strong customer relationships

  • Offer customised insurance rates and prices to loyal customers

Superfast CRM System for Car Rentals 

  • Faster access to customer data enhances productivity

  • Speedier responses and issue resolutions for improved customer satisfaction  

  • Rapid data processing enables real-time insights

  • Faster response times to inquiries

"Coastr makes managing customer profiles effortless. With their platform, it is easy to separate our business customers from individual renters.​"

All Sunshine Automobiles -

Sunshine Rentals, London, UK

Customer management of vehicle  rental business - coastr


Avoid the hassle of time-consuming manual processes.

Save 780+ hours yearly with automated driver and vehicle licence checks*

*for customers with fleet size of251-100 vehicles

Not only does Coastr deliver accurate and improved KYC reports at your fingertips for every booking, our centralised data system makes accessing customer information completely effortless. 

Automated Driver and Vehicle Licence Check for car rentals- Coastr
  • Avoid repeated checks on returning customers

  • Up to 10 minutes saved per licence verification

  • Unlimited checks at NO additional cost 

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Watch your business attract more customers with Coastr.

The only all-in-one shared mobility software
for every rental operator.

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