On-Demand Fleet Insurance

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Award-winning innovation that uses vehicle usage data to derive insurance premiums

Having a secure fleet is one of the primary concerns for car rental companies. But having a relatively smaller fleet can often lead to high insurance rates. Besides equipping you with cutting-edge technology, Coastr is here to make the entire car rental experience better for you. For this, we have tied up with reputable insurance partners to bring you On-demand Fleet Insurance.


Our digital car rental management software can harness your fleet and customer data history to get you the best insurance rates in the market. You will not only be able to achieve significant savings on your vehicle insurance but also have peace of mind by receiving fair rates. Further, our partners can tailor your insurance package by accessing your data with your permission, so you only pay for what you use as well as access their preferential rates for Coastr customers.

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On-Demand Fleet Insurance

While the full functionality of On-demand Fleet Insurance will be available soon, we can still help you get lower insurance premiums through our partners. In the United Kingdom, we have additionally tied up with government organisations such as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), thereby giving you access to Ministry of Transport expiry dates, vehicle specifications and carbon outputs.

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Fair and accurate fleet insurance rates

Fair and accurate insurance rates based on usage data 

Benefit from the revolutionary change in car rental insurance, based on a fair analysis of real-time car usage, claims and driving history. Through data accuracy assured by our telematics devices, you will be able to garner the best insurance rates in the market.

Skip broker fees

As a small or medium-sized car rental company, broker fees can add to your already overpriced insurance packages. After onboarding with our car rental software, you will be able to connect with our insurance partners, eliminate broker fees and record higher profits.

Skip broker fees for fleet insurance
Fleet Insurance at discounted rates

Get fleet insurance at discounted rates

At Coastr, we strive to you the with the best car rental experience. For this, we have collaborated with our insurance partners to bring you preferential rates. With Coastr, you will no longer be dependent on flat insurance rates. Instead, you will get access to discounted rates based on the usage captured by our telematics devices. While the full functionality of On-demand Insurance will be available soon, we can still help you get lower insurance premiums through our reputed partners.


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