Why Coastr?
Features Overview

One software to replace them all

     ✓  Digitises and manages every aspect of your

          day-to- day rental operations

     ✓  Connects you to more customers

     ✓  Integrates with 3rd party accounting, payment and more

    ✓   Matchmaking with Industry Partners for Leasing,

          Insurance, Financing and more 

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Coastr caters to all kinds of rental types like short-term, long-term, PCO/private hire dealerships, brokers providing cars, vans, RVs, scooters, commercial and other for renting

Our Product and Engineering Teams have spent a significant amount of time incorporating our customers' processes and key challenges.

We test beta releases every 4 weeks through intensive rental partner feedback sessions. 

The only all-in-one software to future-proof your vehicle rental business.
Maximise fleet utilisation. Minimise manual errors.
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Automated Fleet Scheduling

Automatically manage vehicle scheduling in response to inventory changes, demand or cancellations.

Advanced Reporting and MI

Get detailed management information and data-driven reports on your customers, fleet, and

business operations.

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Fleet Management 
Easy-to-use, saves you time and effort
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Maintenance Management_ico.png

Automated Fleet On-boarding

Access vehicle details  and identification numbers from integrated third-party databases and enlist your new fleet with minimal effort.

Maintenance Management

Set vehicle servicing and repairing reminders

to receive automated alerts. Get instant

notifications in case of vehicle breakdowns or accidents.

Faster bookings. More customers.
Digital Booking Management_ico.png

Digital Booking Management

Make your booking process 3x faster.

Easily navigate through bookings, edit or

re-assign your fleet with the click of a button.


Whitelabel Website & App

Get complete access to Coastr's latest

innovations and harness their benefits to

promote your business, under your own

brand name.

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Automated Billing & Compliance Reminders

Receive payment reminders, compliance reminders, vehicle maintenance, availability status, completed and pending customer verifications easily on a single dashboard.

Booking Management 
Fast, accessible and increases customer 
Easy Customer Profiling_ico.png

Easy Customer Profiling

Verify driver details for authenticity and license infringements at a click through government

driving history databases.

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Keep your business secure
Vehicle Tracking_ico.png
DVLA Database_ico.png

Remote Immobilisation and Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles in real-time with our integrated telematics technology and receive alerts in the event of a vehicle crash. Use vehicle immobilisation to  protect your fleet from theft.

DVLA-integrated Vehicle Database

Access our integrated Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database for verifying driver details for authenticity and licence infringements in the UK.

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Safe Data_ico.png
Fleet and Data Security
State-of-the-art Technology
gives complete peace of mind
Secure Digital Payments_ico.png

Biometric Customer Verification

Access our GDPR-compliant solution to

seamlessly accept customers’ driving license photocopies and selfie videos for instant verification. 

Safe and Secure Data

Store sensitive information on our secure

cloud under the safety of market leader

Amazon Web Services.

Secure Digital Payments

Get comprehensive end-to-end payment and billing solutions from our reputed payment partner, Elavon.

Make your everyday rental operations simpler
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Keyless Entry_ico.png

Coastr For Partners App

Empower your staff to manage vehicle pick-ups and returns at your branch and on-the-go with our Partners App.

Keyless Entry for Contactless Rentals

Seamlessly manage vehicle pick-ups and returns on-the-go through keyless entry. Increase your customer base and revenue by eliminating long waiting lines.

Damage Recording.png

Easy Damage Recording

Capture photos of any damage and dents

and upload them instantly to avoid

lengthy disputes on accident claims and damages.

Operations Management 
Stay on top of your business with 

real-time updates
Damage Recording
Set pricing on your own terms
Dynamic Pricing.png

AI-based Dynamic Pricing

Coastr's AI analyses past usage and current market data to calculate the best times for you to profit from surge pricing, or provide discounts to attract more customers. 

Flexible Pricing.png

Flexible Price Settings

Benefit from surge pricing by changing your price settings according to day/night, peak/off-peak traffic and customer history.

Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic Pricing.png

Set Pricing Rules Based

on Driving Behaviour 

Lower risk against negligent drivers by setting

prices based on customer usage history. 

Set your own pricing rules with
Dynamic Pricing
Competitor Analysis
Manual (spreadsheet-driven Fleet Management)
Booking Management Software
Fleet Management Softwares
High - Different versions by various authors are possible
Installation required
Installation required
High - Web-based, accessible from Laptop, iPad and Mobile
Ease of Use
Manual and tiresome
Complex, lacks features
Complex and uses old technology
Easy-to-use and navigate
Data Security
Low - Can be lost, deleted or corrupted
High - Best-in-market Amazon Web Services (AWS) security
Integration with 3rd-party Software
Medium - Accounting and payments integration only
Medium - Accounting and payments integration only
High Accounting, payments, insurance and leasing acquisition
Vehicle Tracking
None - Manually keeping track of vehicles prone to error
Limited - Very few services include telematics for vehicle tracking
Limited - Very few services include telematics for vehicle tracking
24/7 AI-driven real time data sharing to keep track of fleet at all times
Fleet Utilization
Fleet Maintenance
Difficult to keep track of fleet maintenance and expensive
Difficult to keep track of fleet maintenance, lack of maintenance scheduler
Only maintenance alerts provided
Predictive maintenance with AI not only provides alerts and warnings but also forecasts maintenance and repair
Driver Management
Low - Difficult to track driver behavior
Limited - Only a few provide telematics
Limited - Some provide GPS tracking while others offer telematics
High - Tracking driver behaviour is easy with telematics to obtain accurate driving profiles
Business Productivity
High productivity with future-ready technology
Flexible Payment Methods
Flexible and multiple payment options
Insurance Costs
Lower insurance costs based on usage and driver behaviour
Booking Management Efficiency
Not Applicable
4.5 min time spent on every booking
4.5 min time spent on every booking
1.5 mins - 3x faster bookings
Cost Transparency
Limited - Hidden costs via new features and add-ons
Limited - Hidden costs via new features and add-ons
100% transparency - All-inclusive pricing, no hidden costs
Dynamic Pricing
None - Manual pricing practices
Limited - Complex rules and limited market pricing data
Not supported
Fully dynamic pricing utilising available market data, supported by yield management capabilities
Biometric Verification
None - Manual customer verification
None - Manual customer verification
Limited - Simple digital verifications in the form of licence upload and signature validation
Complete - Includes customer video and license upload along with digital signatures
Digital Check-in/ out
None - Manual only
Completely digital check-in and check-out, also includes damage reporting as in-app service
Fleet Security
High - Provides the ability to immobilise your fleet from anywhere
Contactless Rental Experience
High - Provides keyless entry for contactless rentals
Paperless Car Rental
Low - Involves paperwork
Limited - Some provide paperless rental
Limited - Some provide paperless rental
100% paperless - End-to-end paperless experience
Reporting and Alerts
Limited - Provides limited and less informed reports
Limited - Provides limited and less informed reports
Provides advanced MI reports for better risk management and business control

Become a Partner and future-proof your business today.


The whole system is very easy to use and I would definitely recommend this system to other rental firms. The sales executive is very helpful and will go out of his way to help you so very happy with the service

Mohammed Gul, Director, Armex vehicle Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom

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