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Coastr and 2hire have joined forces to help fleet and mobility operators offer new-age contactless rental experience for a wide range of vehicles. 

Startup car rental and mobility platform partners with leading telematics technology company to transform the car rental industry 

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Biswajit Kundu Roy, Elisabetta Mari, Filippo Agostino, Cosimo Calciano​, Kelly Kennedy

Coastr and 2hire are on a mission to offer premium contactless rental experience

An online car rental and mobility software company is teaming up with a leading telematics company to develop cutting edge technology set to revolutionise the car rental industry. 

Connected full-stack mobility platform Coastr is teaming up with leading telematics and connected mobility technology company 2hire to employ ground-breaking telematics technology in rental vehicles.

2hire’s innovative technology will allow vehicle rental operators on the Coastr platform to track and monitor their vehicles in real time, as well as providing them with the ability to monitor fuel levels, GPS location, odometer, and remotely interact with vehicles.

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“2hire’s technology provides a keyless solution to the vehicle rental industry 
that is compatible with countless brands and models. Their innovations mean 
that operators can track driver behaviour, which can also help to provide 
usage-based insurance later down the line. We’re very excited to partner with 
2hire because we have a shared vision to disrupt the mobility industry 
together with innovation. 2hire will provide us with the connected mobility 
solutions of the future that will power Coastr's mobility platform.”


Biswajit Kundu Roy - CEO at Coastr
Biswajit Kundu Roy 

CEO at Coastr

Elisabetta Mari.jpeg

“ We are delighted to partner with the vehicle rental software Coastr in the path towards shared, connected, and sustainable mobility.

Having the chance to share this journey with the Coastr team is a great opportunity for us to grow together and to empower car rental companies by exploiting cars connectivity.

We look forward to seeing the fruits of our work together soon!"

Elisabetta Mari

COO & Co-Founder at 2hire

“The vehicle rental industry is full of family businesses that have been 
running for 30 or more years and are used to a traditional way of doing 
things. Everything is still done on paper or with multiple different softwares 
and there’s so much room for innovation. Our centralised car rental 
platform combined with 2hire’s telematics solutions are set to completely 
revolutionise the car rental industry for even the most tech-illiterate 
operators and end-users.”

Rishabh - Coastr CEO
Rishabh Makrand

COO at Coastr

Coastr are set to begin implementing 2hire’s telematics solutions into 
vehicles operating on their platform by September. 


Coastr is digitising the vehicle rental, leasing, subscription, and car sharing ecosystem with its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for vehicle rental and fleet management. Coastr brings together unique tech-enabled partnerships with key players in the market and connected vehicle solutions using telematics (IoT) and direct integration with vehicle manufacturers to manage fleets and enable contactless rental and fleet services. Coastr’s mission is to decarbonise rental and fleet operations and make fleet operators future ready to cater to new consumer and market trends.


2hire is a leading connected mobility company in intelligent and shared mobility solutions. 2hire technology enables innovative mobility services around connected vehicles. Mobility operators around the world use the 2hire platform to access data and perform remote interactions on connected vehicles. Millions of users have benefited from 2hire's technology adopted by our customers worldwide. 2hire has the objective of becoming the global benchmark for connected mobility.

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